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The links on this page are to museums, travel sites, etc. that may be of interest to the WW2 student

Museums/Memorials in Florida (separate list)

American Airpower Museum (Farmingdale, NY)

Arlington National Cemetary (Arlington, VA)

Battle Ship Cove (Fall River, MA ) 

Battle Ship Memorial Park (Mobile, AL) 

Camp Shanks WW II Museum (Orangeburg, NY) 

Commorative Air Force (Midland, TX)

Eldred World War II Museum (Eldred, PA) 

Fighter Factory (Suffolk Airport, VA)

Florida Museums

Historic Flight at Kilo 7 (Mukilteo, WA)

Miami Valley Military History Museum (Dayton, OH) 

Mid Atlantic Air Museum (Reading, PA) 

Mighty 8th Museum (Poole, GA)

Military Aviation Museum (Virginia Beach, VA)

Museum of World War II (Natick, MA) 

National Museum of the Pacific War (Fredricksburg, TX)

National Museum of the USAF (Dayton, OH)

National WASP WWII Museum (Sweetwater, TX)

National World War II Museum (New Orleans, LA)

North American aviation museum index

Pacific Aviation Museum (Ford Island, HA)

Palm Springs Air Museum (Palm Springs, CA)

Patton Museum of Cavalry & Armor (Fort Knox, KY)

Pima Air & Space Museum 

Planes of Fame Air Museum 

PT Boat Museum (Fall River, MA)

San Diego Aerospace Museum (San Diego, CA)

Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum (Wash, DC)

SS Lane Victory (Los Angeles, CA)

Strategic Air & Space Museum (SAC) (Ashland, NE)

US Army Ordance Museum (Aberdeen, MD)

USAF museum listing

USS Arizona Memorial (Pearl Harbor, HA)

USS LST Ship Memorial (Evansville, IL)

Warhawk Air Museum (Nampa, ID) 

War in the Pacific National Historic Park (Guam)

Wright Museum (Wolfeboro, NH) 

WWII Memorial (Washington, DC)

WWII Victory Museum (Auburn, IN)

Wright Museum of WWII History (Wolfeboro, NY)


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