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A View of WWII

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About The Site 


The WW2 History Club, an activities club of The Villages (Florida retirement community), has been active since Jan 2010.  The club's web site ( has been active since late August 2010.  The site was originally intended to be a repository for large files that had previously been attached to emails sent to members.  Placing the attachment on the web site and a link in the email reduced the size of emails substantially and virtually eliminated problems with InBox overflow

The sit grew to be far more than originally intended with thousands of pages and files plus hundreds of links to outside sites.  Maintenance became a problem.  So, the site was pruned down to it original content and the rest of the material moved here.  Site Features include:

a club news section, a calendar of events, a schedule of meetings and a schedule for movie night

an articles archive

an email archive

a Daily Item feature where something new (and interesting?) is added every day

several glossaries and chronologies

relevant maps

an archive of photosets (mostly Powerpoint files)

an archive of videos (these are just the videos stored on the site; there are hundreds of links to videos on other sites that are referenced in emails, club news and daily items)

lists of relevant e-zines and publications

links to museums, tour companies, military organization sites, ...

a small but growing archive of WW2 era art, posters, advertising and propaganda

documentation on everything added to the site -- Site News


Info regarding the general appearance of the site can be found here.

Info regarding the browser compatibility for site can be found here.

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