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Topic Disclaimer
Date 07-Aug-2013


The WW2 History Club site attempts to provide only information that has been validated by one of our experts.  Unfortunately, this is not always possible; but the following should provide some sense for what we do:

articles:  no article is published unless it has been proof read.  Glaring errors like incorrect dates, times, locations, people, etc., are fixed but "opinions" (even those that are a bit hard to swallow) are left as the author intended.  Comments may be added to suggest that a particular "fact" may be open to debate.

emails received from members:  the web is full of emails that mix fact and fiction; emails about WW2 and military-related topics are no exception.  Many contain authentic pictures and partially correct explanations, i.e., great stories that are not quite true.  Some were probably spot on originally but have been modified over time with questionable content.  Emails provided by members are checked out to ensure that the information is reasonably correct.  Obvious errors are pointed out either in the body of the email or as a preamble or postscript.  Some are simply posted to the Bogus Email area.  See also Copyright Issues.

links to other sources (on the web):  this is the most difficult category to police and point out errors or questionable "facts".   That would require an intermediate page for each link describing any problems but it would also require periodic reexamination of the "target" to see if problems have been fixed or new content added.  Reputable sources, e.g., on-line versions of magazines and newspapers, web sites with a history focus, and similar are generally not challenged. 

Like many other sites, we also rely on users to point out things they believe to be incorrect so we can investigate and possibly correct things.