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A View of WWII

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About Us 


{Be patient}  The WW2 History Club is an activities club of The Villages (Florida retirement community) focused on WW2.  The club was founded by Don Goldstein and Jim Renner in late 2009 and had its first meeting in January, 2010.  The club meets monthly (4th Wed of the month, 3PM, Colony Cottage) for a combination lecture/discussion session that includes WW2 vets and other "eye witnesses".  There is also a monthly movie night, a monthly WWII Book Club and, the WW2 Vets Group that also meets monthly   Membership has grown from 30 in January 2010 to over 400 today.

Principle lecturers are Professor Donald Goldstein, nationally known military historian and author  (At Dawn We Slept, Miracle at Midway, ), Mark Erdrich, a long-time student of WWII and Jim Renner, another long-time student of WWII

Until recently, the club's website also contain a lot of general info on WWII: articles, video, historic radio recordings, etc.,   That material has been moved to this (A View of WWII) site to better focus the club's web site on the club.


So why "A View of WWII"?  Well the site is a view of WWII (mostly mine) and the name rhymes which is always important.


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