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A View of WWII

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WW2 Era Art 

WW2 art can generally be divided into several categories:
  1. traditional art created during the war
  2. traditional art created after the war
  3. decorative art that adorned military aircraft and vehicles
  4. informational (often propaganda) art used in posters
  5. art stolen (or otherwise disappered) during WW2


Work In Progress


Traditional Art

Geoff Nutkins

Nicholas Trudgian

WW2 Aviation Art (Powerpoint file) 


Decorative Art

Nose Art: Sgt Mike Tís Nose Art Collection

Nose Art: AcePilots.Com Nose Art Collection

Nose Art: 343rd Bombardment Squadron

Nose Art: Nose Art: Luc's Photo Hangar

Nose Art: American Airpower Heritage Museum

Nose Art: Rosemary D. Dery hand painted leather.

Nose Art: 22nd Bombardment Group

Nose Art: Nose Art Reproductions

Nose Art:

Nose Art: Northstar Gallery


Informational/Propaganda Art

Posters were a common method of conveying important messages to civilians and military alike to recruit and to shape public opinion.  Thousands of different posters were created by both Allied and Axis countries.

WWII Posters (email item)

Northwestern Library Collection of WW2 Posters 

WWII Posters

WWII Posters at SignalAlpha.Com 

WWII Posters at National Archives

WWII Posters (against Japan) 

WWII Posters (collection on Flickr)

WWII Posters (British)

WWII Posters (British)

WWII Propaganda (art, comics, music, ...)

Weapons on the Wall (WWII British Posters) 

German Propaganda Posters 

WWII Propaganda Posters (not politically correct) 


Stolen/Missing Art

From Hitler News



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