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A View of WWII

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The table below provides links to articles from the club's articles library.   You can search this list using the standard search technique for your browser.  If you are unsure how to do that, click here  If you want a paper copy of any article, click here for a few options.

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Major Sub Libraries

Air War
Hitler's Bankers
Intel (focus is SigIntel)
Time Magazine (articles from their archives)
US Army Green Books
US Army WWII Campaign Booklets
29th Inf Div After Action Report 
The Atomic Bomb and the End of WWII - A Collection of Primary Sources (short version)
The Atomic Bomb and the End of WWII - A Collection of Primary Sources (full version)
Airfield Under The Sea (Japanese I400 submarines) 
American Assault Across The Pacific
Before the League of Nations
BookList (original)
Big 3 At Yalta
Bringing Order out of Chaos:  Rescuing Force Mulberry
Collectable WWII Christmas Cards 
Counterfeit WWII Christmas Cards 
Culture of Cruelty
D-Day Maps 
Dictators Don't Drink  (from June 1937 issue of Harpers Magazine)
The Death of Yamamoto -- Admiral Ugaki's personal account as recorded in his memoirs "Fading Victory"
Dictators Don't Drink  (from June 1937 issue of Harpers Magazine)
Eisenhower and the Invasion of Sicily
Entrenching Tool 
European Armies Between The Wars
Fashion and WWII
German Currencies in Occupied Countries 
Hideki Tojo 
Hitler's Secretaries
How the Allies Broke FLORADORA
If Captured 
Ike and Monty
Japan's Dream of World Empire  (Japan's Mein Kampf)
Kennan's Long Telegram
King's Brief Summary of USN in WWII
Kurita's Choice
Leadership at Pearl Harbour
League of Nations -- Short History
League of Nations -- Chronology
Lloyd George Meets Hitler 
Man Behind The Bazooka 
Meaning of Midway
SUN TZU in Burma:  Merrill's Marauders
Military and Naval Forces in Isolationist America
Midway Operations Plan
Midway Summary
Normandy Hedgerows Today 
On The Trail of Military Intelligence
Operations Research and The Battle of the Atlantic  (from WWII Magazine)
The Opium Wars and The Boxer Rebellion
Pacific Flight Distances 
Pacific TimeLine
Pacific Theatre Casualties
Priceless Advantage, A (USN Communications Intelligence and The Battle of the Coral Sea, Midway and The Aleutians)
Principles of War (Clausewitz as per USA FM3)
Proximity Fuse
Seizing The Altmark
Sex During WWII
Silent Revolution 
Sins of Omission - Japan's Wars of Aggression  
Spruance Fitness Report
Spruance: Picture of the Admiral
Stalin by John Gunther (from Dec 1935 issue of Harpers Magazine)
Story Behind "The Kiss", The
SUN-TZU: The Art of Warfare
Treaty of Versailles
The United States and China    1784 - 1915
The US and Japan  1853 - 1915
Three Years Of It
Travels With Churchill
Up To Now (from July 1943 issue of Harpers Magazine)
Victory at Sea
Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler
What If ... the Allies Had Not Broken the German Naval Code?   
Winant, John
World War II Magazine One Page Summaries 
WWII: The Movie
V - Mail
Yalta Conference

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