WW2 History Club Library


Topic Library Organization
Date 01-Apr-2014


The WW2 History Club library has grown from a few articles to several hundred.  The original presentation was a simple alphabetical listing.  That has been replaced with several sub libraries and a general area.  At present, the sub libraries are:
  • Air War
  • Intel (focus is SigIntel)
  • Manufacturing
  • Time Magazine
  • US Army Green Books
  • US Army Campaign Booklets


















In the Browsing History area, click on the Settings box.  A window like the one below should appear

Check the button "Every time I visit the web page" and then click OK.  Although "Automatically" sounds good, it really is the same as "Every time I start Internet Explorer"

By-the-way, "Delete browsing history on exit" (1st image above) will delete selected content generated during the current session including cache, passwords, form data, cookies, etc.  You can control what is deleted.  (I recommend that you delete everything).  You can even tell IE to save cookies associated with your Favorite sites (nice feature)


FireFox 2, 3, 4:  these are obsolete versions of FireFox; they are out of date and no longer supported

FireFox 5, 6, 7, 8, 9:  Previous versions of FF handled browser cache management control via the standard user interface.  For some reason FF5 requires a little more work:

enter "about:config" (without the quotes) into the url window and hit Enter.   You will get a warning message (see below); click on I'll be careful


Type "cache" (without the quotes) into the Filter window at the top of the page and you should see something like:

The key parameter is browser.cache.check_doc_frequency.    

This setting determines how often Firefox checks the page you're viewing against the cached version it holds:

0    only checks once per session

1    always check for a newer version of the page and reload if found

2    never check and always load the cached version (not recommended)

3    automatically checks and only reloads the page if it seems outdated (default).  Sounds good but the key is "seems outdated".  If the date on the file in cache is within the last day or so, FF will assume that it is OK.  Having tested this feature a number of times, it seems inconsistent.

In most cases the default of 3 is fine, but you may wish to set this to 1 if you want to ensure that Firefox always checks for and loads up the latest version of a page, though it may reduce browsing speed a little.  If you are connected via a standard telephone modem you will notice a difference.  But with a high-speed connection (including DSL), you probably will not.  To change the setting

Right click on browser.cache.check_doc_frequency and then on Modify.  Enter a 1 into the value window and then click on OK.  Then close the window.