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The table below provides links to articles from the club's articles library.   These articles are from Time Magazine as published in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s.  They provide a contemporary viewpoint (based on what was known then) which often differs from the historical perspective. 

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Title Publication Date Summary

Admiral's Week

24-Jul-1944 A bad week for Japanese brass hats
Autonomy for Arnold 30-Jun-1941 Secy of War Stimson declares autonomy for the USAAC within the US Army

Bombers Are Coming


Came The Dawn

04-Nov-1940 The USAAC gains separation and command from the "regular" Army

Emperor Enthroned

19-Nov-1928 Hirohito ascends to the top

If Egypt Fails

06-Jul-1942 What might happen if Rommel wins?

To Keep Afloat

22-Jan-1940 The Battle of Britain before the Battle of Britain

Oil War

05-Feb-1940 The battle for the raw materials of the Balkans

Pilots, Pilots, ...

28-Oct-1940 The expected demand for aircraft was staggering; the corresponding demand for pilots was even greater

Receiving End

07-Aug-1944 The second Blitz arrived in the late summer of 1944 when German V1 "buzz bombs" began descending on London and its suburbs

The Enemy:  V2

20-Nov-1944 The Missile Age comes to Britain

Two Stars

13-Apr-1942 The rapid ascent of Dwight Eisenhower starts

Where Are They Now?

25-Aug-1944 In the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, numerous fingers were pointed and many committees tried to determine who and what was to blame.  What happened to some people variously connected with the affair?

Worse To Come


Young Eyes

Bomber Harris:  The Vision of Sir Arthur 20-Jul-1942 Strategic Vision of Bomber Harris
Bomber Harris:  The Real Bombing of Germany 07-Sep-1942 How the US needs to go all out against Germany
Bomber Harris:  Air:  The Test Postponed 08-Feb-1943 Can the war be won with air power alone?
Bomber Harris:  Bye, Bye, Bombers 10-Sep-1945 Bomber Harris retires
Bomber Harris:  Apoplectic Advise 03-Feb-1947 Bomber Harris's angry response to recent book about him and Bomber Command.

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