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A View of WWII

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Bogus Emails 


The web is full of emails that mix fact and fiction; emails about WW2 and military-related topics are no exception.  Many contain authentic pictures and partially correct explanations, i.e., great stories that are not quite true.

The table below lists (work in progress) the questionable WW2 emails (and a few others) received by club members.  The Date is when the item was posted here, not the original date of the email.  Virtually all continue to resurface.

Date Subject
22-Mar-2015 4 Times in 69 Years
11-Apr-2014 Jane Fonda and The Restaurant
11-Apr-2014 "All vets are mentally ill"
11-Apr-2014 American Flag Doormats
06-Sep-2013 Safety Alert From Shell Oil
03-May-2013 Removal of "So Help Us God" from WWII Memorial Quote
01-Dec-2012 Three Carriers (and other titles)
04-Nov-2011 Death By Phosphorous
20-May-2011 13 Hands
14-May-2011 Origin of Taps
27-Apr-2011 F35 TakeOff Loop
03-Apr-2011 4th Infantry Division Statue
10-Mar-2011 The Late Charleton Heston's Basement (Unbelievable)
06-Mar-2011 Goodbye Shifty
21-Feb-2011 Magical Things for your cell phone
28-Jan-2011 Univ of Kentucky Bans Holocaust Course Material
12-Jan-2011 Military Pay
12-Jan-2011 F15 Crash -- Ya Gotta See This!
05-Jan-2011 Allah Calls One Home?
10-Dec-2010 Navy Stealth Fighter
10-Dec-2010 3rd Reich Pictures Attributed to Life Photographer
08-Dec-2010 You Never Would Have Guessed.  Combat Heroes Lee Marvin, Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Rogers
04-Dec-2010 Photos Stored in Camera for 68 Years




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