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A View of WWII

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Books and Book Lists 


There are tens of thousands of books that have been written about WW2.  Some are great, many are pretty good, some are not very good and there are some that are quite bad. 

Two books are currently recommended for general WW2 reading:

  • The Second World War by John Keegan

  • Eagle Against The Sun by Ronald Spector

Copies are available in most libraries and larger bookstores.  As of 01-Jun-2010, copies were available in the Lake County Library System but no copies were available in the Sumter Country Library System 

The WW2 History Club has published 3 booklists:

  1. The original WW2HC Annotated Booklist contains information on several hundred books recommended by Don Goldstein.  It also contains a "top 10" list of the best books for a limited library.  pdf copy of the entire Annotated BookList

  2. pdf copy of just Top 10 list

  3. A new booklist has been published and was distributed at the October meeting.  This is a list of the 15 or so most useful books taking into account content, availability and price.  Some of the best books are very expensive or extremely hard to find and recommending them is not very useful.  The Keegan and Spector books (above) are on that list.  pdf copy of booklist3

Finding particular books may not be easy but it can be "less difficult" if you know where to look.  There are thousands of sellers and many that focus on military books.  But you need not know precisely who they are if you use one of the book-oriented search sites available:

  • Amazon is a good source for both new and used books.  Used books are sold through sellers who work with Amazon

  • Bookfinder is probably the best single source for used books.  It has data on approximately 150,000,000 books that are for sale through hundreds of sellers.

Other good sources for books include:

HyperWar Project:  Many of the publications issued by the Allied governments are being scanned and put up on web sites.  Click here for further information.

For more information on finding books, using libraries, local sellers, on-line sellers, etc., click here


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