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Topic WW2HC Desktop Shortcut
Date 18-May-2011


If you would like a desktop shortcut to the WW2 History Club web site, complete with the WW2HC logo, follow the instructions below (PCs only):
  1. create the shortcut on your desktop:
  2. with the cursor anyplace on you desktop, right click and navigate to New and then Shortcut
  3. the Shortcut Wizard should start up

enter http://www.ww2hc.org/ into the location box:

  1. Click Next, the "Select A Title ..." windows will appear.  Enter whatever you want for the title

  1. Click Finish
  2. Click on the shortcut to go to the web site. 
  3. Close your browser and click on the shortcut again.  The shortcut should automatically extract the correct icon from the web site and should appear as:

It may take a few visits to the web site for the correct icon (image) to be fetched; be patient.