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20-Sep-2017 WWII The Lancaster: Remembering Britain`s Mightiest Bomber of WW2 (and the Men Who Flew Them)
30-Sep-2017 WWII Spitfire plane shot down in 1944 restored and flying once again
29-Sep-2017 WWII Churchill's secret plan to Invade Russia in 1945
28-Sep-2017 WWII Japan Facing World War II Truth Before Last Witnesses Die
27-Sep-2017 WWII How the Tiger 131 was captured intact in the Tunisian desert in 1943
26-Sep-2017 WWII Auschwitz-Birkenau: 4 out of 10 German students don`t know what it was
25-Sep-2017 WWII Navajo Ordnance Depot integral part of World War II Pacific campaign
24-Sep-2017 WWII The secret story of the Jewish codebreakers who helped win the war
23-Sep-2017 WWII Japanese book provides new evidence on Unit 731 experiments
22-Sep-2017 WWII How Stalin starved four million to death in a grotesque Marxist experiment
21-Sep-2017 WWII Third Reich in 100 objects: The F├╝hrer`s tiny moustache brush is among a hidden Nazi trove locked away for 75 years
20-Sep-2017 WWII The women and child soldiers Hitler sent to save him at the end of WWII
19-Sep-2017 WWII Translator Elena Rzhevskaya carried Hitler`s teeth on V-Day
18-Sep-2017 WWII Hitler`s monogrammed underpants are put up for auction in the US
17-Sep-2017 WWII Stalin`s Defectors: How Red Army Soldiers became Hitler`s Collaborators
16-Sep-2017 WWII Hotel where Hitler arrested the leader of his Brownshirt street-fighters during the Night of the Long Knives poised for demolition
15-Sep-2017 WWII Uruguay is set to sell bronze eagle recovered from wreck of the Graf Spee to raise money for its armed forces
14-Sep-2017 WWII The savage fight for Guadalcanal: Jungle, crocodiles and snipers during World War II
13-Sep-2017 WWII Archive of 400 pictures is unearthed showing the Nazi leader`s Third Reich rise to power
12-Sep-2017 WWII Did the atomic bombings end WWII - Japanese war meetings barely mention the bombings
11-Sep-2017 WWII These Six Incredible Women Served As Undercover Spies in World War II
10-Sep-2017 WWII Discovery of lost WW2 Mosquito plans will allow Wooden Wonder to fly again
09-Sep-2017 WWII Should Germany keep its Nazi relics to teach young people?
08-Sep-2017 WWII What Was the Bund Deutscher Madel
07-Sep-2017 WWII 8 Shocking Nazi-Related Locations In North America (pictures)
06-Sep-2017 WWII British government documents on Rudolf Hess finally unclassified
05-Sep-2017 WWII One of the world`s largest Nazi bunkers has been transformed into a museum
04-Sep-2017 WWII German Jews who helped the US Army defeat Hitler were shunned after the war because of their enemy accents
03-Sep-2017 WWII Nazis planned to drop a large amount of counterfeit money over Britain to disrupt its economy
02-Sep-2017 WWII Churchill`s bid to cover up Duke`s link to the Nazis
01-Sep-2017 WWII Vintage World War II photos




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