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Daily Items - 2012 



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31-Dec-2012 WW II 

Tsunami Bomb:   New Zealand's devastating war secret

31-Dec-2012 This Day  

1880:  American General/Diplomat George C. Marshall is born

1941:  At the Arcadia Conference in Washington DC, United States, Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt agreed on a "Germany First" strategy.

1944:  Hungary declares war on Germany

1944:  Operation Nordwind

30-Dec-2012 WW II  Pearl Harbor Conspiracy / Update
30-Dec-2012 FDR  10 Things You May Not Know About the Roosevelts
30-Dec-2012 This Day

1884:  Tojo is born

1939:  Russo-Finnish War:  Finnish northern armies destroy a Soviet division 15,000 strong near Lake Kianta after a week long battle.  Soviet troops begin a new attack on the Mannerheim Line

1940:  The RAF bombs targets in Libyia as well as Taranto, Naples and Palermo harbours.

1940:  Christopher Clarkson become the first British pilot to fly the Bell P-400 Airacobra despite Britain having inherited a French order for 170 aircraft, later expanded to 675 aircraft.

1941:  Churchill addresses the Canadian Parliament. 

1941:  Indian Congress Party decides to support the war effort. Ghandi resigns

1942:  Eastern Front:  German attempt to relieve Stalingrad ends in failure.  Russian offensive on the Middle Don ends. As a result of the two Soviet offensives the Italian VIII, Romanian III and Hungarian II Armies are defeated and Army Groups Don and A are in danger of being cut off, a danger greatly increased by Hitler's refusal to allow any retreat.

1943:  Air War:  Eighth Air Force Heavy Bomber Mission No. 169: 698 aircraft and 12 pathfinders sent to attack oil plant at Ludwigshafen. 23 aircraft lost.

29-Dec-2012 WW II  Battleship "X" and it's 12 year old gunner
29-Dec-2012 This Day

1939:  Soviet-German Treaty of Friendship publicly recognises the partition of Poland.  Soviet Union signs treaties with Estonia and Finland

1940:  Roosevelt's "Arsenal of Democracy" speech

1940:  Germans raid London

1941:  Captured German submarine U-570 recommissioned in the Royal Navy as HMS Graph.

28-Dec-2012 WW II  Pamela Churchill Harriman
28-Dec-2012 WW II  WWII Participants
28-Dec-2012 This Day

1940:  Luftwaffe attacks Southampton by day and the south west by night.  RAF attacks oil targets at Rotterdam and Antwerp as well as the invasion ports

1941:  Request made for creation of construction battalions

1942:  Hitler agrees to allow Army Group A to retreat from the Caucasus before it is cut off by the Soviet advance around Stalingrad

1943:  Britain and Turkey enter talks that eventually lead to Turkey entering the war.  Turkey was neutral until several months before the end of the war, at which point it joined the Allies

27-Dec-2012 WW II  Hitler's 1941 Christmas Party (more info)
27-Dec-2012 This Day

1939:  First Indian troops land in France to form part of the BEF

1940:  The RAF attacks German bases on a wide front from Norway to Normandy. Lorient raids last four hours

1941:  Office of Price Administration begins to ration automobile tires

1942:  German submarine U-356 sunk with all hands off the Azores

1942:  Germans form the Smolensk Committee to enlist Soviet soldiers

1944:  Battle of the Bulge: US tanks open a corridor to Bastogne

1945:  The International Monetary Fund and the Bank for Reconstruction and Development are created

26-Dec-2012 WW II  Monopoly (more information)
26-Dec-2012 This Day

1943:  Britain surprises German attacker in the Arctic

1944:  Battle of the Bulge Patton relieves Bastogne

25-Dec-2012 WW II  Merry Christmas, Part II
25-Dec-2012 This Day

1941:  British surrender Hong Kong

1941:  Bing Crosby introduces "White Christmas" to the world

24-Dec-2012 WW II  Merry Christmas, Part I

This Day

1942:  French Admiral Jean Darlan is assassinated

23-Dec-2012 WW II  Article The Story Behind "The Kiss"
23-Dec-2012 This Day

1939:  British complete laying of minefield along British coast

1940:  Lord Halifax is moved from the Foreign Office to serve as Ambassador to Washington. He is replaced as Foreign Secretary by Anthony Eden

1941:  Churchill and Roosevelt met at the White House, Washington DC during the First Washington Conference (Arcadia).

1944:  The execution of Eddie Slovik is authorized

1944:  Battle of the Bulge: Allied aircraft fly 7,000 sorties, claiming 84 German aircraft

1948 Japanese War Criminals Hanged

22-Dec-2012 WW II

What to do with a spare $1.6 million?  Restore a Spitfire !

22-Dec-2012 This Day

1940:  RAF attacks Wilhelmshaven, Brest, Lorient and a number of targets in western Germany

1941:  Churchill and Roosevelt discuss war and peace

1944:  Battle of the Bulge: start of the final German attempt to reach the Meuse

21-Dec-2012 WW II

WWII Era Mail Finally Delivered

21-Dec-2012 This Day

1941:  U-451 and U-567 sunk

1944:  Battle of the Bulge: US 1st Army holds on to Stavelot. German troops begin the siege of Bastogne

1945:  General George S. Patton Dies

20-Dec-2012 WW II

WWII Canteen Girl

20-Dec-2012 This Day

1941:  Hitler to Halder: No retreat!

19-Dec-2012 WW II

WWII Films -- Think You Have Seen Most of Them?

19-Dec-2012 This Day

1941:  Hitler takes command of the German army

1944:  Battle of the Bulge: Montgomery is appointed to command all Allied troops north of the Bulge, Bradley all troops to the south. German columns reach Houffalize and Bastogne

18-Dec-2012 WW II

Operation Market Garden

18-Dec-2012 This Day

1940:  Hitler issues secret memo on the invasion of the Soviet Union

1941:  Japan invades Hong Kong

17-Dec-2012 WW II

The Slaps Heard Around The World

17-Dec-2012 This Day

1941:  Commander at Pearl Harbor canned

16-Dec-2012 WW II

Nazi Spies at Pearl Harbor?

16-Dec-2012 This Day

1944:  Battle of the Bulge

15-Dec-2012 WW II

The Canadian town of Swastika

15-Dec-2012 This Day

1945:  MacArthur orders end of Shinto as Japanese state religion

14-Dec-2012 WW II

Another Pearl Harbor Conspiracy Theory

14-Dec-2012 This Day

1939:  USSR expelled from the League of Nations

13-Dec-2012 WW II

Rare WWII Photos

13-Dec-2012 This Day

1941:  British battleship HMS Duke Of York departed the Clyde, Scotland, United Kingdom with Winston Churchill on board, sailing for the United States.  The battleship was escorted by destroyers HMS Faulknor, HMS Foresight, and HMS Matabele.  Churchill will spend several weeks in the US conferring with FDR and the US military independently as as part of the Arcadia Conference

1942:  Goebbels complains of Italians' treatment of Jews

12-Dec-2012 Honor Flight

Honor Flight Fund Raiser This Saturday

12-Dec-2012 WW II

WWII Fighter found in Lake Michigan

12-Dec-2012 This Day

1937:  Attack on the Panay.  Japanese warplanes dive-bomb the American gunboat Panay in the Yangtze River in China. Japan apologizes and pays reparations for the lives lost.

1941:  United States seizes French liner Normandie

11-Dec-2012 WW II

Salute! ... Local TV Show with a focus on vets

11-Dec-2012 This Day

1941:  Germany declares war on the United States

10-Dec-2012 WW II

Tokyo, 1935

10-Dec-2012 This Day

1941:  Japan becomes master of the Pacific and South China Sea

1941:  Arcadia Conference:  Franklin Roosevelt tore up a letter he drafted for Winston Churchill intending to delay Churchill's request for a conference as he heard news of the Japanese sinking of HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse off Malaya and realized the urgency of having to plan for a campaign against the Japanese.

09-Dec-2012 WW II

Map of The Blitz  -- this is quite good

09-Dec-2012 This Day

1940:  Brits launch offensive against Italians in North Africa

1941:  Arcadia Conference:Winston Churchill sends Franklin Roosevelt a message requesting a conference on the war with Japan.  Roosevelt initially intended to reject this request, wishing to give his top generals more time to research the situation to avoid the British dominating the conference.  The proposed conference, the Arcadia Conference, is eventually held from 22Dec'41 to 14Jan'42

08-Dec-2012 WW II Article

The Proximity Fuse

08-Dec-2012 This Day

1941:  The United States declares war on Japan

07-Dec-2012 WW II

Another Famous Pearl Harbor Picture Turns Out to Be Bogus

07-Dec-2012 This Day

1941:  "A date which will live in infamy"

06-Dec-2012 WW II

Churchill's D-Day Bunker

06-Dec-2012 This Day 1941:  Roosevelt to Japanese emperor: "Prevent further death and destruction"
05-Dec-2012 WW II- Pacific WWII in the Philippines - A Timeline
05-Dec-2012 This Day 1941:  American carrier Lexington heads to Midway
04-Dec-2012 Other Medicare, Part G
04-Dec-2012 This Day 1942:  Polish Christians come to the aid of Polish Jews
03-Dec-2012 Inter War Years Berlin in the 1930s
03-Dec-2012 This Day

1942: Several German divisions ordered transferred from western Europe begin arriving in the area of Heeresgruppe Don (von Manstein) SW of Stalingrad in preparation of Operation Winter Tempest, the relief of the encircled 6.Armee (von Paulus).

1942:  A Japanese attempt to land reinforcements at Guadacanal is defeated by US dive bombers

1943: The RAF launches a heavy raid against Leipzig.

1944: Armored units of the US 3rd Army (Patton) succeed in penetrating the fortified German lines of the Westwall (Siegfried Line) near Saarlautern.

1944:  Civil war breaks out in Athens

02-Dec-2012 WW2HC Site Bogus Emails
02-Dec-2012 This Day

1939:  Finland appeals to the League of Nations for aid

1942:  Fermi produces the first nuclear chain reaction

1942:  The Beveridge Report is issued

1943:  A Luftwaffe raid on Bari causes an explosion on ammunition ships; 27 ships sink.

1944:  Bell XP-77 cancelled

01-Dec-2012 WW II Article WWII: The Movie
01-Dec-2012 This Day 1944:  Stettinius succeeds Hull as secretary of state
30-Nov-2012 WW II Article Kurita's Choice
30-Nov-2012 This Day

1939:  USSR attacks Finland

1941:  Winston Churchill sends Franklin Roosevelt a message requesting a conference on the impending war with Japan.  Roosevelt would reject the request to avoid appearing like he was taking the United States toward war for the defense of the British Empire.  The proposed conference, the Arcadia Conference, is eventually held from 22Dec'41 to 14Jan'42

29-Nov-2012 WW II Article Culture of Cruelty
29-Nov-2012 This Day 1942:  Coffee rationing begins
28-Nov-2012 WW II / Revisit Hitler's Greatest Disappointment (revisited)
28-Nov-2012 This Day

1943:  FDR attends Tehran Conference

1954:  Enrico Fermi, architect of the nuclear age, dies

27-Nov-2012 WW II P40 Found In Sahara
27-Nov-2012 This Day

1940:  Iron Guard massacres former Romanian government

1942:  French scuttle their fleet

26-Nov-2012 WW II Pigeon Handler Wanted
26-Nov-2012 This Day

1941:  Japanese task force leaves for Pearl Harbor

1941:  FDR designates 4th Thurs in Nov as Official Thanksgiving

25-Nov-2012 WW II / Revisit From The Desk of The Fuehrer
25-Nov-2012 This Day 1941:  A "war warning" is sent to commanders in the Pacific
24-Nov-2012 WW II Hitler's Stadium
24-Nov-2012 This Day 1944:  U.S. B-29s raid Tokyo
23-Nov-2012 WW II Voices From The Manhattan Project
23-Nov-2012 This Day 1940:  Romania becomes an Axis "power"
22-Nov-2012 WW II Women Flyers in WWII
22-Nov-2012 This Day 1942:  Soviets encircle Germans at Stalingrad
21-Nov-2012 Military A Little Military Humour II
21-Nov-2012 This Day 1941:  Nazi chief architect requests POWs to labor for a new Berlin
20-Nov-2012 Military A Little Military Humour
20-Nov-2012 This Day 1945:  Nuremberg war-crimes trials begin
19-Nov-2012 WW II Nazi Soccer
19-Nov-2012 This Day 1940:  Hitler urges Spain to grab Gibraltar
18-Nov-2012 WW II Operation Paperclip
18-Nov-2012 This Day 1940:  Hitler furious over Italy's debacle in Greece
17-Nov-2012 WW II  + Quotes from Genl Douglas Macarthur
17-Nov-2012 This Day 1887:  Monty is born

1941:  Merchant Ships Armed  In response to the destruction of the destroyer Reuben James, the U.S. Congress authorizes American merchant ships to carry arms.   Program lacked central direction and effectiveness prior to 31-Jan-1942, when the Arming Merchant Ships Section was established in the Fleet Maintenance Division of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations.  More Info

16-Nov-2012 WW II  + MacArthur's  Duty, Honor, Country Speech
16-Nov-2012 This Day 1941:  Goebbels publishes his screed of hate
16-Nov-2012 This Day

1945:  German scientists brought to United States to work on rocket technology

15-Nov-2012 WW2HC Site WWII Personalities
15-Nov-2012 WW II + Places Named for Douglas MacArthur
15-Nov-2012 This Day 1943:  Himmler orders Gypsies to concentration camps
15-Nov-2012 Movie Night November Film:  MacArthur
14-Nov-2012 WW II  + The Most Famous Pipe Smoker?
14-Nov-2012 This Day 1940:  Germans bomb Coventry
13-Nov-2012 WWII / Revisit B17 & B25 Over Arizona
13-Nov-2012 This Day 1941:  Congress revises the Neutrality Act
13-Nov-2012 Villages Parades in The Villages To Be Cancelled in 2013
12-Nov-2012 Other Can Florida Secede From The Union?
12-Nov-2012 This Day 1944:  Brits sink the battleship Tirpit
11-Nov-2012 Military What is Veterans Day?
11-Nov-2012 This Day 1942:  Draft age is lowered to 18
10-Nov-2012 WW II DVD:  Narrow Escapes During WWII
10-Nov-2012 This Day 1938:  Kristallnacht  During the German Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass), 7500 Jewish businesses are looted, 191 synagogues are set afire, nearly 100 Jews are killed, and tens of thousands are sent to concentration camps.

1942:  Germans take Vichy France

09-Nov-2012 Other Election Results
09-Nov-2012 This Day 1938:  "The Night of Broken Glass"
08-Nov-2012 WWII / Revisit Video of Japanese Surrender
08-Nov-2012 This Day 1939:  Hitler survives assassination attempt
07-Nov-2012 Vets Vets Benefits Web Site
07-Nov-2012 This Day 1944:  Soviet master spy is hanged by the Japanese
06-Nov-2012 WWII WWII Gadgets Manual
06-Nov-2012 This Day 1941:  Stalin celebrates the Revolution's anniversary
05-Nov-2012 WWII Attacks on US During WWII
05-Nov-2012 This Day 1940:  FDR re-elected president      1940 Election (more details)
04-Nov-2012 WWII Final Volume of Manchester's Trilogy on Churchill
04-Nov-2012 This Day 1944:  Gen. Sir John Dill dies
03-Nov-2012 WWII Last Flight of a WWII Carrier Pigeon
03-Nov-2012 This Day 1939:  Congress Lifts Aid Embargo  Congress grants President Franklin D. Roosevelt's request to revise neutrality laws, to repeal an arms embargo so that munitions could be sold to Britain and France, and to prevent American ships from sailing into war zones.

1941:  The order is given: Bomb Pearl Harbor

02-Nov-2012 WWII India's Contribution to WWII
02-Nov-2012 WWII + Spruce Goose First Flies
02-Nov-2012 This Day 1942:  British launch Operation Supercharge
01-Nov-2012 Other Veterans Cookout - 9-Nov-2012
01-Nov-2012 WWII Mein Kampf Copyright
01-Nov-2012 This Day 1941:  FDR puts Coast Guard under control of the Navy
31-Oct-2012 WWII Rare (British) Valentine Tank Found
31-Oct-2012 This Day 1887:  Chiang Kai-Shek is born
30-Oct-2012 WWII A Toy Fuhrer on Antiques Roadshow?
30-Oct-2012 This Day 1940:  Draftees to Camps  The first draft numbers are drawn, sending thousands of draftees to drill camps all over the country.

1941:  FDR approves Lend-Lease aid to the USSR

1941:  Reuban James Sunk  The U.S. destroyer Reuben James is sunk near Iceland, killing 115 seamen.

29-Oct-2012 WWII + Villages Honor Flight Cancels Last Flight of 2012
29-Oct-2012 This Day 1942:  The British protest against the persecution of Jews
28-Oct-2012 WWII Britain and the Nuremberg Trials
28-Oct-2012 This Day 1940:   Italy invades Greece
27-Oct-2012 Club News Open House Results
27-Oct-2012 This Day 1940:  De Gaulle sets up the Empire Defense Council
26-Oct-2012 WWII + Vintage Military Vehicles Auction
26-Oct-2012 This Day 1942: The United States loses the Hornet
25-Oct-2012 WWII + Holocaust Museum Event in Florida
25-Oct-2012 This Day 1944:  First kamikaze attack of the war begins
24-Oct-2012 Book Club Current Reading List
24-Oct-2012 This Day 1945:  The United Nations is born
23-Oct-2012 Other Who To Vote For?
23-Oct-2012 WWII + Heil Honey, I'm Home
23-Oct-2012 This Day 1941:  Soviets switch commanders in drive to halt Germans
22-Oct-2012 Club News O P E N   H O U S E
22-Oct-2012 This Day 1942:  Allies confer secretly about Operation Torch
21-Oct-2012 WWII / Revisit Combat Crew Rotations
21-Oct-2012 This Day 1941:  Germans massacre men, women, and children in Yugoslavia
20-Oct-2012 Article WWII Tank Production
20-Oct-2012 This Day 1944:  U.S. forces land at Leyte Island in the Philippines
19-Oct-2012 WWII El Alamein 70th Anniversary
19-Oct-2012 This Day 1943:  Chinese and Suluks revolt against Japanese in North Borneo
18-Oct-2012 Club News Music Night
18-Oct-2012 WWII + Villages Honor Flight Gets Ready for 4th and Final Flight of 2012
18-Oct-2012 This Day 1942:  Vice Admiral Halsey named new commander of the South Pacific
17-Oct-2012 WWII Castro, the SS and The Cuban Missile Crisis
17-Oct-2012 This Day 1941:  Konoye government falls

1941:  U.S.S. Kearny  German submarines damage the U.S.S. Kearny in a skirmish near Iceland, killing 11.

16-Oct-2012 WWII Hugo Jaeger's Photos of Poland
16-Oct-2012 This Day 1946:  Alfred Rosenberg is executed
15-Oct-2012 WWII Who Was Sigrid Green?
15-Oct-2012 This Day 1946:  Herman Goering dies
14-Oct-2012 WWII Role of Music in WWII
14-Oct-2012 This Day 1944:  "The Desert Fox" commits suicide
13-Oct-2012 WWII What Is A War Song?
13-Oct-2012 This Day 1943:  Italy declares war on Germany
12-Oct-2012 WWII Fully Restored Hawker Hurricane To Be Auctioned Off
12-Oct-2012 This Day 1946:  Gen. Joseph Stilwell dies
11-Oct-2012 WWII Polish Contributions to Enigma Solutions
11-Oct-2012 This Day 1942:  United States defeats Japanese in the Battle of Cape Esperance
10-Oct-2012 WWII Hitler's Secretaries (new item in Articles Library)
10-Oct-2012 This Day 1944:  Eight hundred children are gassed to death at Auschwitz
09-Oct-2012 Other WWII Book Club
09-Oct-2012 This Day 1944:  Churchill and Stalin confer
08-Oct-2012 Other Panama Canal Expansion
08-Oct-2012 This Day 1941:  Germans overrun Mariupol, in southern Russia
07-Oct-2012 WWII+ V2 Rocket -- 70 Years Later
07-Oct-2012 This Day 1943:  Japanese execute nearly 100 American prisoners on Wake Island
06-Oct-2012 WWII+ Iron Sky - Update
06-Oct-2012 This Day 1945:  Pierre Laval attempts suicide
05-Oct-2012 WWII Villages Honor Flight  --  Final Flight of 2013
05Oct-2012 WWII Douglas Bader and The Big Wing
05-Oct-2012 This Day 1937:  Roosevelt Quarantines War.  In response to Japanese action in China, President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivers a speech in which he calls for peace-loving nations to act together to "quarantine" aggressors to protect the world from the "disease" of war.

1942:  "Stalingrad must not be taken by the enemy."

04-Oct-2012 Military Military Motorcycles, Part IV
04-Oct-2012 This Day 1944:  Ike warns of the risk of "shell shock"
03-Oct-2012 Military Military Motorcycles, Part III
03-Oct-2012 This Day 1942:  Germany conducts first successful V-2 rocket test
02-Oct-2012 WWII Military Motorcycles, Part II
02-Oct-2012 This Day 1941:  Operation Typhoon is launched
01-Oct-2012 WWII Military Motorcycles, Part I
01-Oct-2012 This Day 1944:  Experiments begin on homosexuals at Buchenwald
30-Sep-2012 WWII The Battle of Nomonhan
30-Sep-2012 This Day 1938:  Hitler appeased at Munich
29-Sep-2012 WWII The Nazi Plan to Invade Ireland
29-Sep-2012 This Day 1939:  Nazis and communists divvy up Poland
28-Sep-2012 Aviation SR-71 (Blackbird) R/C Model
28-Sep-2012 This Day 1942:  General Arnold fights for unique bombers
27-Sep-2012 WW2 WWII Book Club
27-Sep-2012 This Day 1939:  Poland surrenders

1940:  Japan Joins Axis  Responding to the embargoes imposed by the United States, Japan joins the German-Italian coalition.

26-Sep-2012 WW2 Guadalcanal - Tide Turning Battle
26-Sep-2012 This Day 1944:  Allies slaughtered by Germans in Arnhem
25-Sep-2012 WW2 Hitler -- The Great Peacemaker
25-Sep-2012 This Day 1940:  U.S. Extends Japanese Embargo  The United States extends the Japanese embargo to include iron and steel.

1942:  Gestapo headquarters targeted in Norway

24-Sep-2012 WW2 Writings From A Young Joseph Goebbels
24-Sep-2012 This Day 1941:  Japanese gather preliminary data on Pearl Harbor
23-Sep-2012 Other Villages Honor Flight Completes 3rd Flight
23-Sep-2012 This Day 1943:  Mussolini re-establishes a fascist regime in northern Italy
22-Sep-2012 WW2 Wolf's Lair Pictures
22-Sep-2012 This Day 1945:  Patton questions necessity of Germany's "denazification"
21-Sep-2012 WW2 Recorded POW Conversations
21-Sep-2012 This Day 1942:  The Superfortress takes flight
20-Sep-2012 Other Want To Save $400 per year?
20-Sep-2012 This Day 1941:  Germans bombard Leningrad
19-Sep-2012 Other Unusual Brewery
19-Sep-2012 This Day 1942:  British launch Operation Source
18-Sep-2012 Military Coins On Headstones
18-Sep-2012 This Day 1945:  MacArthur in Tokyo
17-Sep-2012 US The Star Spangled Banner
17-Sep-2012 This Day 1939:  Soviet Union invades Poland
16-Sep-2012 WW2 Restoring Hitler's Wolf's Lair
16-Sep-2012 This Day 1940:  United States imposes the draft
15-Sep-2012 WW2 Joseph Goebbels Archives Up For Sale
15-Sep-2012 This Day 1935:  Nuremberg race laws imposed
14-Sep-2012 Naval Match Stick Navy -- Amazing!
14-Sep-2012 This Day 1937:  Roosevelt Limits Ships to Asia.  President Franklin D. Roosevelt forbids U.S. ships from carrying arms to China or Japan.
14-Sep-2012 This Day 1944:  Americans launch Operation Stalemate—at extraordinary cost
13-Sep-2012 WW2 Nice Aviation Pictures
13-Sep-2012 This Day 1940:  Italy invades Egypt
12-Sep-2012 Military Life of Duty Network
12-Sep-2012 This Day 1942:  The Laconia is sunk
11-Sep-2012 WW2 Messerschmitt 323 Wreckage Discovered
11-Sep-2012 This Day 1940:  Hitler focuses East, sends troops to Romania
10-Sep-2012 WW2 Churchill and Katyn
10-Sep-2012 This Day 1942:  Japanese bomb U.S. mainland
09-Sep-2012 WW2 The Story of One Bell Aerocobra
09-Sep-2012 This Day 1942:  Japanese bomb U.S. mainland
08-Sep-2012 WW2 German Landmines Block Egypt's Access to Oil and Gas
08-Sep-2012 This Day 1943:  Italian surrender is announced
07-Sep-2012 WW2 Did US Cover Up Katyn Massacre?
07-Sep-2012 This Day 1940:  The Blitz begins
06-Sep-2012 WW2 Hitler Was My Neighbor
06-Sep-2012 This Day 1944: Italian resistance fighters persevere
05-Sep-2012 WW2 Marshall:  Who Is Forrest C. Pogue?
05-Sep-2012 This Day 1943:  U.S. forces seize more of New Guinea
04-Sep-2012 WW2 Marshall:  Marshall As Viewed by Eisenhower
04-Sep-2012 This Day 1940:  The USS Greer is fired upon

1945:  Japanese surrender on Wake Island

03-Sep-2012 WW2 Marshall:  A Visit to the George C. Marshall Foundation
03-Sep-2012 This Day
1939:  Britain and France declare war on Germany  
02-Sep-2012 WW2 Marshall: A Visit To The George C.. Marshall International Center
02-Sep-2012 This Day 1945:  Allies celebrate V-J Day
01-Sep-2012 WW2 Marshall:  Who Was George C Marshall?
01-Sep-2012 This Day 1939:  Germany invades Poland
31-Aug-2012 WW2 The Kiss
31-Aug-2012 This Day 1944:  The British cross the Gothic Line
30-Aug-2012 WW2 The Forgotten War of 1939
30-Aug-2012 This Day 1945:  MacArthur arrives in Japan
29-Aug-2012 WW2 Facebook and "The Greatest Generation"
29-Aug-2012 This Day 1942:  Red Cross announces Japan refuses passage of supplies for U.S. POWs
28-Aug-2012 WW2 Romney, FDR and Dogs
28-Aug-2012 This Day 1941:  Mass slaughter in Ukraine
27-Aug-2012 Military Angel Flight
27-Aug-2012 This Day 1941:  Japanese prime minister requests a summit meeting with FDR
26-Aug-2012 WW2 Hermann Goering's Walther PPK
26-Aug-2012 This Day 1944:  DeGaulle enters a free Paris
25-Aug-2012 WW2 Britain's Death Ray
25-Aug-2012 This Day 1945:  The first casualty of the Cold War
24-Aug-2012 WW2 Time Life Pictures: Stalingrad in 1947
24-Aug-2012 This Day 1942:  Brave volunteers save the day in the Battle of the East Solomon Islands
23-Aug-2012 WW2 War Jokes:  Humour in Hitler's Germany
23-Aug-2012 This Day 1939:  The Hitler-Stalin Pact
22-Aug-2012 WW2 Churchill:  Churchill The Artist
22-Aug-2012 This Day 1944:  Romania captured by the Soviet Union
21-Aug-2012 WW2 Churchill:  Churchill's Plans for High Ranking Nazis
21-Aug-2012 This Day 1944:  The seeds of the United Nations are planted
20-Aug-2012 WW2 Churchill:  Did Churchill Order His Own Plane to be Sabotaged?
20-Aug-2012 This Day 1944:  Brits launch Operation Wallace and aid French Resistance
19-Aug-2012 WW2 Churchill:  Did Churchill Revise WWII?
19-Aug-2012 This Day 1934:  Adolf Hitler becomes president of Germany
18-Aug-2012 WW2 Churchill:  The Plot To Kill The Big Three at Tehran
18-Aug-2012 This Day 1941:  Hitler suspends euthanasia program
18-Aug-2012 WW2 If It Ain't Boeing, I Ain't Going - Update
17-Aug-2012 Other Military.Com
17-Aug-2012 WW2 Churchill:  Operation Unthinkable
17-Aug-2012 This Day 1941:  Roosevelt Warns Japanese  President Franklin D. Roosevelt warns the Japanese government to cease all aggression toward neighboring countries or else face United States forces.

1942:  Carlson's Raiders land on Makin Island

16-Aug-2012 WW2 Churchill:  Who Was Walter Thompson?
16-Aug-2012 WW2 WW2 Tank web site
16-Aug-2012 This Day 1945:  Senior U.S. POW is released
15-Aug-2012 WW2 Churchill:  Churchill, A Terrorist?
15-Aug-2012 WW2 John Keegan Dies at Age 78
15-Aug-2012 This Day 1945:  The Japanese emperor speaks
14-Aug-2012 WW2 Nazi Travel Pamphlet
14-Aug-2012 This Day 1945:  Japan's surrender made public
13-Aug-2012 WW2 The Car That Won Olympic Gold
13-Aug-2012 This Day 1940:  The Battle of Britain escalates
12-Aug-2012 WW2 Vehicle Maintenance Photos
12-Aug-2012 This Day 1941:  Roosevelt and Churchill confer, map out short- and long-term goals
11-Aug-2012 WW2 Comments From Enola Gay Crew
11-Aug-2012 This Day 1943:  Germans begin to evacuate Sicily
10-Aug-2012 WW2 The Merlin:  The Engine That Saved The Free World?
10-Aug-2012 This Day 1945:  Japan accepts Potsdam terms, agrees to unconditional surrender
09-Aug-2012 WW2 Churchill: Churchill's Deadly Decision
09-Aug-2012 This Day 1941:  Roosevelt and Churchill Draft Atlantic Charter  On a British battleship, President Franklin D. Roosevelt meets with the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Winston Churchill. The two leaders write up the Atlantic Charter.

1945:  Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki

08-Aug-2012 WW2 Churchill: The Man Who Saved Europe
08-Aug-2012 WW2 1945:  Soviets declare war on Japan; invade Manchuria
07-Aug-2012 WW2 Churchill: Churchill's Empire (book review)
07-Aug-2012 This Day 1941: 

1942:  U.S. forces invade Guadalcanal

06-Aug-2012 WW2 Churchill: Churchill's Health and the Future of Post War Europe
06-Aug-2012 This Day 1945:  Atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima
05-Aug-2012 WW2 Churchill: Stern Gang Plot To Kill Churchill
05-Aug-2012 This Day 1944:  Hundreds of Jews are freed from forced labor in Warsaw
04-Aug-2012 WW2 Churchill: Churchill's Sweet Tooth
04-Aug-2012 This Day 1944:  Anne Frank and her family arrested by Gestapo
03-Aug-2012 WW2 Churchill: WWII Mystery Explained
03-Aug-2012 This Day 1940:  Italians move on British Somaliland
02-Aug-2012 WW2 Churchill: Lloyd George & Hitler
02-Aug-2012 This Day 1934: President of the Weimar Republic Hindenburg dies
01-Aug-2012 WW2 Churchill: Travels With Churchill
01-Aug-2012 This Day 1943:  PT-109 sinks; Lieutenant Kennedy is instrumental in saving crew
31-Jul-2012 WW2 WW2 U-Boat Discovered Off Coast of Nantucket
30-Jul-2012 Military The Nun
29-Jul-2012 Military 1/2 Man, 1/2 Boy
28-Jul-2012 WW2 Letters To Hitler
27-Jul-2012 WW2 Who Was Christine Granville?
26-Jul-2012 WW2 WWII and The Olympics
25-Jul-2012 Just Funny New Ford Truck
24-Jul-2012 Old Pix Old Pictures of NYC
23-Jul-2012 WWII Music OnLine JukeBox
22-Jul-2012 Space We Stopped Dreaming
21-Jul-2012 WW2 A Tough Old Bird
20-Jul-2012 WW2 ME 262
19-Jul-2012 WW2 Silver From WWII Shipwreck
18-Jul-2012 WW2 Churchill's Sweet Tooth
17-Jul-2012 Aviation 5th generation fighter planes
16-Jul-2012 WW2 WWII Knowledge Survey
15-Jul-2012 WW2 Restoration of V2 Rocket
14-Jul-2012 WW2 Hitler's Top Hat
13-Jul-2012 WW2 Another Nazi Super Weapon At Bottom of Baltic Sea ?
12-Jul-2012 WW2 "That's Hitler's Car"
11-Jul-2012 WW2 Agent "Garbo"
10-Jul-2012 WW2 Missing Mailbox
09-Jul-2012 WW2 Medicare Rumours
08-Jul-2012 WW2 Tour Rome's AntiAircraft Bunkers
07-Jul-2012 WW2 Last 5th Armored Div Reunion
07-Jul-2012 This Day 1941:  US Defends Iceland  President Franklin D. Roosevelt announces that the United States will take over defense of Iceland for the duration of the war.
06-Jul-2012 WW2 Abandoned WWII Site in Japan
05-Jul-2012 WW2 Goering called me schweinehund
04-Jul-2012 WW2 Our National Anthem
03-Jul-2012 WW2 USS Mohawk
02-Jul-2012 WW2 6 Months in a B17
01-Jul-2012 WW2 What Do You Know About WWII?
30-Jun-2012 Humour Passport Control
29-Jun-2012 Military To Those Who Served
28-Jun-2012 WW2 Glenn Miller Band Concert - July 7th
27-Jun-2012 WW2 Battle of Okinawa Website
26-Jun-2012 WW2 Nazi Tourist Hotel
25-Jun-2012 Military Semper Fi
24-Jun-2012 Other Afghanistan Village
23-Jun-2012 WW2 Comfort Women Memorial
22-Jun-2012 WW2 WWII Poster and Art Collection
21-Jun-2012 WW2 Second Honor Flight
20-Jun-2012 WW2 The Longest Wait
19-Jun-2012 Radio Old Time Radio
18-Jun-2012 WW2 Restoring the Memphis Belle
17-Jun-2012 WW2 Hitler Golf Trophy
16-Jun-2012 WW2 D-Day Gear, Gadgets and Weaponry
16-Jun-2012 This Day 1941:  Axis Consulates Closed  President Franklin D. Roosevelt demands Germany and Italy close their American consulates located in the United States.
15-Jun-2012 Automotive Simple Carburator Mod
15-Jun-2012 Automotive Unusual and Beautiful Cars
14-Jun-2012 WW2 Bob Hope Makes An Unscheduled Stop
13-Jun-2012 Aviation Hindenburg Disaster Pictures (Atlantic Magasine InFocus)
12-Jun-2012 WW2 Restored Zero Flies Again
11-Jun-2012 WW2 Raising a Heinkel HE 115 Seaplane (video)
10-Jun-2012 WW2 Life Magazine Pix of D-Day
09-Jun-2012 WW2 D-Day's Sand Samplers
08-Jun-2012 Villages Who is H. Gary Morse?
07-Jun-2012 WW2 The Irish Hitler
06-Jun-2012 WW2 D-Day
05-Jun-2012 WW2 D-Day Minus 1
05-Jun-2012 WW2+ Bridge Over The River Kwai
04-Jun-2012 WW2+ We Will Remember
03-Jun-2012 WW2 Iwo Jima Stories - The Photograph
02-Jun-2012 Trips Riverboat Trip Postponed
02-Jun-2012 Other Military Stolen Valor Act Update
01-Jun-2012 WW2 WWII Tree Carvings
31-May-2012 Other The Civil War Photo Series
30-May-2012 Other Tools Explained
29-May-2012 WW2 Soccer in Nazi Occupied Ukraine
28-May-2012 WW2+ Nazi Legacy
27-May-2012 WW2+ Villages Honor Flight - Inaugural Flight
26-May-2012 WW2 Royal Mechanic?
25-May-2012 WW2+ Villages Honor Flight (Orlando Sentinel)
24-May-2012 WW2 Operation Bumblebee
23-May-2012 WW2+ And Still They Refuse To Admit Their Actions
22-May-2012 WW2 Churchill Symposium
21-May-2012 WW2 How Secret Is That?
20-May-2012 WW2 European War Correspondents
19-May-2012 WW2 Doolittle Anniversary
18-May-2012 WW2 Should Amazon Be Selling Nazi Flags?
17-May-2012 WW2 Olympic Torch Relay
16-May-2012 WW2 Battleship Iowa
15-May-2012 WW2 Cadet Nursing Corps
15-May-2012 This Day 1941:  Robin Moor  In the South Atlantic the American merchant ship Robin Moor is sunk by a German torpedo. President Franklin D. Roosevelt responds to the German attack by declaring a national emergency.
14-May-2012 WW2 Lady Lacey - Third Time's A Charm
13-May-2012 WW2 Hitler's Last Bunker
12-May-2012 WW2 Enigma Rotors Discovered
11-May-2012 WW2 Unit 731
10-May-2012 WW2 Eastern Front Predictions in 1937
09-May-2012 WW2 Hitler Watercolours
08-May-2012 WW2 VE Day
07-May-2012 WW2 VE Day
06-May-2012 WW2 Maggie Stewart Dies
05-May-2012 WW2 Iwo Jima Stories - Sherman B Watson
04-May-2012 WW2 Postcard From Hitler
04-May-2012 WW2 The Good Goring
03-May-2012 WW2 One More Story About The Greatest Generation
02-May-2012 WW2 Ruins of Berlin Pictures
01-May-2012 WW2 Who Was The Kissing Sailor?
30-Apr-2012 WW2 Role of German Nurses in WWII
29-Apr-2012 WW2 Operation Tiger
28-Apr-2012 WW2 Operation Foxley
27-Apr-2012 WW2 Did Swiss Banks Destroy Jewish Bank Account Records?
26-Apr-2012 Other NASA - The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
25-Apr-2012 WW2 Iwo Jima Video
24-Apr-2012 WW2 Iwo Jima Pictures
23-Apr-2012 WW2 James Bradley Interview
22-Apr-2012 WW2 Hitler At 50
21-Apr-2012 WW2 Hunting Adolph Hitler
20-Apr-2012 WW2 Alan Turing Papers Released
19-Apr-2012 WW2 Photos from Doolittle 70th Anniversary Event (17-Apr-2012)
18-Apr-2012 WW2 The Doolittle Raid, 70 Years Later
17Apr-2012 WW2 The Last Dambuster
16-Apr-2012 WW2 Another Maginot Line?
15-Apr-2012 WW2 British Series The Secret War available on DVD
14-Apr-2012 WW2 Amazing Aviation Find in Burma
13-Apr-2012 WW2 USS Arizona Reclaims Its Own
12-Apr-2012 WW2 1940 US Census Data Available OnLine
11-Apr-2012 WW2 Hotel Colditz
10-Apr-2012 WW2 MP44 Review
09-Apr-2012 WW2 Hypnotizing Churchill
08-Apr-2012 WW2 Yamashita’s Gold
07-Apr-2012 WW2 Nazi Bunkers Found Off Danish Coast
06-Apr-2012 WW2 U-Boats Under Attack
05-Apr-2012 WW2 Spanish Link to Enigma
04-Apr-2012 WW2 WWII Lumberjills
03-Apr-2012 WW2 How To Keep B-17s in the Air (it takes a village)
02-Apr-2012 WW2 World War II: The Movie
01-Apr-2012 WW2 IWO Jima Pictures
01-Apr-2012 This Day 1940:  Goring on Cover of Time
31-Mar-2012 WW2 Aircraft Pix
30-Mar-2012 Other 747 Brake Test
30-Mar-2012 This Day 1941:  U.S. Seizes Axis Ships  President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders the United States Coast Guard to seize German ships that sail into American ports. 65 Axis ships are held in "protective custody."
29-Mar-2012 WW2 More Info of Nazi Looting
28-Mar-2012 WW2 Himmler's Fascination with Ancient India
27-Mar-2012 WW2 Interesting Bathroom Accessory
26-Mar-2012 WW2 The Battle of Athens
25-Mar-2012 WW2 We Remember
24-Mar-2012 WW2+ The Bicycle
23-Mar-2012 Other Pin Drops
22-Mar-2012 WW2+ Harry Truman - Will We Ever See This Again?
21-Mar-2012 WW2 Nazis Flee to South America
21-Mar-2012 This Day 1943:  Another plot to kill Hitler foiled

1945:  Operation Carthage

20-Mar-2012 WW2 Pocket Watch Saves A Life
19-Mar-2012 WW2 Hitler Biography ... # 701?
18-Mar-2012 WW2 Winston Churchill's Ear Plugs
17-Mar-2012 WW2 Hitler's Love Child?
16-Mar-2012 WW2 Nazi Memorabilia in the British Commonwealth
15-Mar-2012 WW2 Canadian Internment Camps
14-Mar-2012 WW2 HitlerLand
13-Mar-2012 WW2 Doolittle Tokyo Raiders Reunion
12-Mar-2012 WW2 Only Flying Halifax Bomber
11-Mar-2012 WW2+ Villages Honor Flight's 1st Flight Set for May 26th
10-Mar-2012 Other Blue Angels
09-Mar-2012 WW2 Operation Cornflakes
08-Mar-2012 WW2 Hitler's Tea Tray
07-Mar-2012 WW2+ 101 Soldierly Thoughts
06-Mar-2012 WW2 WWII Book Club
05-Mar-2012 WW2 Alan Turing Exhibit
04-Mar-2012 WW2 Amazing WWII Photos
03-Mar-2012 WW2 Nazi Secrets Buried Under Indiana Airfield
02-Mar-2012 WW2 Van T. Barfoot, Medal of Honor Winner, Dies at Age 92
01-Mar-2012 WW2 Buck Compton (Band of Brothers) Dies at Age 90
29-Feb-2012 WW2 Fantasy of Flight - Living Legends:  Amazing Women
28-Feb-2012 WW2 Poland Wants US to Return Auschwitz Artifact
27-Feb-2012 WW2

Ve hav vays of making you relax

26-Feb-2012 WW2+ Participation and Valor Fraud
25-Feb-2012 WW2 The Fourth Tunnel
24-Feb-2012 WW2 Collection of Paintings Belonging to Hitler Found in Czech Monastary
23-Feb-2012 WW2 British Plots To Kill Hitler
22-Feb-2012 Other The Americans by Gordon Sinclair
21-Feb-2012 WW2+ A Canadian Remembers:  Old Aviators and Old Airplanes
20-Feb-2012 WW2 How Democracy Produced a Monster
19-Feb-2012 WW2 AirWar:  The German
18-Feb-2012 WW2 Iron Sky Trailer
17-Feb-2012 WW2 Mein Camp
16-Feb-2012 WW2 What Does "SS" Mean?
15-Feb-2012 WW2 AirWar:  The Air Cadet Program (from WW2HC Articles Archives)
14-Feb-2012 WW2 AirWar:  The Last Bomb
13-Feb-2012 WW2 AirWar:  The Billy Mitchell Court Martial  (from WW2HC Articles Archives)
12-Feb-2012 WW2 Wings of Freedom Air Show Tour at Leesburg
12-Feb-2012 WW2 Hitler Wine
11-Feb-2012 WW2

Winston Churchill’s Toyshop: The Secret Weapons & Gadgets of World War II

10-Feb-2012 WW2 Mississippi Riverboat Cruise
10-Feb-2012 WW2 WW2HC Monthly Contest
09-Feb-2012 WW2 AirWar:  Tuskegee Airmen Chronology  (from WW2HC Articles Archives)
08-Feb-2012 WW2 AirWar:  Air Power; Mitchell and The Bombing Tests  (from WW2HC Articles Archives)
07-Feb-2012 WW2 AirWar:  Air Power; The Theorists  (from WW2HC Articles Archives)
06-Feb-2012 WW2 AirWar:  Frank Whittle And The Jet Engine
05-Feb-2012 WW2+ Villages Honor Flight Fund Raisers
04-Feb-2012 WW2 A Rabbi At Iwo Jima
03-Feb-2012 WW2 Lip Stick and Labor
02-Feb-2012 WW2+ Attitudes toward Mein Kampf slowly changing in Germany
01-Feb-2012 WW2 Training With Patton
31-Jan-2012 WW2 71 Tons of Platinum
30-Jan-2012 Other "I Don't Care"
29-Jan-2012 WW2+ Stolen Valor Act (update)
29-Jan-2012 WW2 A Life Jacket's 16,262 mile journey
28-Jan-2012 WW2 Who Were The Philippine Scouts?
27-Jan-2012 WW2 WWII By the Numbers (book review)
26-Jan-2012 WW2+ AirWar:  Red Tails (the movie)
25-Jan-2012 WW2+ Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge
24-Jan-2012 WW2 German Bunker on Island of Guernsey Recently Opened
23-Jan-2012 WW2 Unit 731
22-Jan-2012 WW2 Push to Honor Estonian SS Unit Sparks Outrage
21-Jan-2012 WW2+ US Supreme Court to Rule on Stolen Valor Act
20-Jan-2012 Other Amazing Simulation of US Airways Flight 1549
19-Jan-2012 WW2+ Villages Honor Flight Club to Form
18-Jan-2012 WW2 Morris Wolff to Speak At Bacall Center on Sunday
17-Jan-2012 WW2 What Ever Happened to Rauol Wallenberg?
16-Jan-2012 WW2 Battle of Saipan Pictures
15-Jan-2012 WW2+ Mosquito Restoration
14-Jan-2012 WW2 The Last Bomb
13-Jan-2012 WW2 Hitler turns 50
12-Jan-2012 WW2 Running Out of Gas
11-Jan-2012 Other Veterans Day at Lambeau Field
10-Jan-2012 WW2 Talking Animals in WWII Propaganda
09-Jan-2012 WW2 Hitler's Gladiator
08-Jan-2012 WW2

Priest Saves Hitler From Drowning?

07-Jan-2012 WW2+

For Rent: One WW2 U-Boat Bunker

06-Jan-2012 WW2

Why Were Some WW2 Spyplanes Painted Pink?

06-Jan-2012 This Day

1941:  FDR Proposes Lend Lease  Before the U.S. Congress, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposes a "lend-lease" program, which would deliver arms to Great Britain to be paid for following the war's end. Congress approves the bill.

05-Jan-2012 WW2+

Hawaii Trip Pictures

04-Jan-2012 WW2+

Legion Post 347

03-Jan-2012 WW2

Mystery of Downed WWII Aircraft Partially Solved

02-Jan-2012 WW2

British POW "Twitter" Diary Released

02-Jan-2012 This Day 1939:  Hitler is Time Man of the Year  Time magazine prints its 1938 Man of the Year edition choosing Adolf Hitler for the title, but does not show the Nazi leader's face on the cover of the publication.
01-Jan-2012 WW2+

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