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31-Dec-2015 WWII 2000 Items
31-Dec-2015 WWII American Media That Praised Hitler
30-Dec-2015 WWII How Do Germans View Hitler Today?
29-Dec-2015 WWII Hitler's French Bunker
29-Dec-2015 Military Revisit:  Why is Silver Higher Than Gold in Military Insignia?
28-Dec-2015 WWII Himler's Car Up For Sale
27-Dec-2015 WWII Nazi Summer Camps in 1930s USA
26-Dec-2015 WWII
25-Dec-2015 WWII Merry Christmas
24-Dec-2015 WWII
24-Dec-2015 WWII
23-Dec-2015 WWII Photos: World War II-era Japanese mini-submarine rusts on Kiska
22-Dec-2015 WWII
20-Dec-2015 Other Science & Technology Quiz
19-Dec-2015 WWII
Origins of WWII:  Origins of WWII:  The Revolution of 1940
18-Dec-2015 WWII New Hitler Biography
17-Dec-2015 WWII
Origins of WWII:  Origins of WWII:  America First
16-Dec-2015 WWII The Second Plan to Attack the Panama Canal
15-Dec-2015 WWII
Origins of WWII:  Origins of WWII:  Borah, Nye and Wheeler
14-Dec-2015 WWII Restored Mosquito W4050
13-Dec-2015 WWII Origins of WWII: US - Japan  1915 - 1941
12-Dec-2015 WWII The Man Who Saved the Louvre
11-Dec-2015 WWII Origins of WWII: Charles Lindbergh
10-Dec-2015 WWII US Vet Honored for Saving Jews
09-Dec-2015 WWII Origins of WWII: The Other Roosevelt, Japan, Russia and Another Question
08-Dec-2015 WWII Hitler`s Plan to Kill Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill - at the Same Time
07-Dec-2015 WWII Origins of WWII:  US - Japan 1853-1915
06-Dec-2015 WWII The Importance of the Soviet T-34 Tank
05-Dec-2015 WWII Origins of WWII:  League of Nations
04-Dec-2015 WWII Who was Hildegard Trutz?
03-Dec-2015 WWII Origins of WWII:  Treaty of Versailles
02-Dec-2015 WWII Japan's (secret) `Oi` super tank
01-Dec-2015 WWII Origins of WWII:  December Topic
30-Nov-2015 WWII Nazi M4 Enigma breaks auction record for code machines
29-Nov-2015 WWII Forgotten history in Colorado: a World War II internment camp
28-Nov-2015 WWII Patton`s pocket watch sells for $137,000
27-Nov-2015 WWII U166
26-Nov-2015 WWII Nazis and The Bomb
25-Nov-2015 WWII Einar Skinnarland and the Telegram
24-Nov-2015 WWII Anatomy of the Battleship Yamato
23-Nov-2015 WWII Nuremberg Crumbles
22-Nov-2015 WWII Nazi Pensions Continue
22-Nov-2015 Military My Heart On The Line
21-Nov-2015 WWII Mustard Gas Experiments
21-Nov-2015 Military Cathy Haynes Newsletter
20-Nov-2015 WWII The Man in the High Castle: What if the Nazis had won?
19-Nov-2015 WWII Hitler/Braun Items Auctioned Off
18-Nov-2015 WWII Radio & WWII:  Radio Intelligence at Midway
17-Nov-2015 WWII Did the Nazis Really Plan for a Post-War Insurgency?
16-Nov-2015 WWII Radio & WWII:  Radio Communications at Iwo Jima
15-Nov-2015 WWII The Forgotten Soviet Bomber Raids on Hitler`s Capital
14-Nov-2015 WWII Radio & WWII:  SCR-508 Tank Radio
13-Nov-2015 WWII The Hump
12-Nov-2015 WWII Radio & WWII:  Recommended Books
11-Nov-2015 WWII Japan: Unconditional Surrender - Front page from Aug 15, 1945
10-Nov-2015 WWII Radio & WWII:  Watching the Radio
09-Nov-2015 WWII Did the Pope Scheme to Kill HItler?
08-Nov-2015 WWII Radio & WWII:  WWII Propaganda Broadcasters
07-Nov-2015 WWII Nazi Legacy in German Interior Ministry
06-Nov-2015 WWII WWII TV Shows
05-Nov-2015 WWII Radio & WWII:  WWII Radio Broadcasts
04-Nov-2015 WWII Homefront:  Stella the Steel Worker
03-Nov-2015 WWII Radio & WWII:  Radio During the Depression
02-Nov-2015 Other Hillary Clinton
01-Nov-2015 WWII Radio & WWII:  Radio and WWII
31-Oct-2015 Military The Flag Man
30-Oct-2015 WWII Last Mission of WWII
29-Oct-2015 WWII Book Review:  Hitler`s Commanders: Officers of the Wehrmacht, the Luftwaffe, the Kriegsmarine, and the Waffen-SS
28-Oct-2015 Other Only Four Tickets Left
28-Oct-2015 WWII WWII and Halloween
27-Oct-2015 WWII Death of an ME262
26-Oct-2015 WWII Japanese WWII Imperial Army soldier found alive
26-Oct-2015 WWII Lou Branch
25-Oct-2015 WWII Lancaster Bomber Crew Radio Chatter
24-Oct-2015 WWII Nazi IQ Scores
23-Oct-2015 WWII Why The Nazis Believed They Could Win the Battle of Britain
22-Oct-2015 WWII Hitler`s Nazi paintings to fetch �30,000 at auction
21-Oct-2015 WWII Battle of Okinawa mass suicides recalled, debated
20-Oct-2015 WWII The flying tank buster � Hans-Ulrich Rudel
19-Oct-2015 WWII Mussolini:  Do not open until 2025
18-Oct-2015 WWII Most Wanted � The Nine Worst Nazi War Criminals
17-Oct-2015 WWII Mussolini:  Mussolini's Bunker
16-Oct-2015 WWII Kamikaze pilot - We were ready to die for Japan
15-Oct-2015 WWII Mussolini:  RAF`s Dambusters' plan to kill Mussolini
14-Oct-2015 WW2HC Site Additional way to find things on the site
14-Oct-2015 WWII Hermann Goering`s full catalogue of looted Nazi art published for first time
13-Oct-2015 WWII Mussolini:  The case of the Benito Mussolini`s dagger
12-Oct-2015 WWII A Lethal Contest
11-Oct-2015 WWII Was Hitler's Anti-Semitism "Rational"?
10-Oct-2015 WWII Mussolini:  Alfa Romeo sports car of Benito Mussolini may fetch �1m
09-Oct-2015 WWII Did Himmler save thousands of Jews at the end of WWII?
08-Oct-2015 WWII Mussolini:  Did Mussolini work for Britain's MI5?
07-Oct-2015 WWII Five Interesting Facts About the German Bazooka 
06-Oct-2015 WWII Mussolini:  Mussolini on iTunes
05-Oct-2015 WWII The Widow Maker and the Engineer
04-Oct-2015 WWII The Lost American Airfields in the North Pacific
03-Oct-2015 WWII Mussolini:  Mussolini's personal thoughts on Adolf Hitler
02-Oct-2015 WWII German vs US automatic Weapons
01-Oct-2015 WWII Mussolini:  Short Bio
30-Sep-2015 WWII Poll: One-Third of Americans Would Refuse to Hide a Jew During the Holocaust
29-Sep-2015 WWII YB-40 Gunship
28-Sep-2015 WWII The Secret War: Spies, Codes and Guerrillas 1939-1945 by Max Hastings
27-Sep-2015 WWII Hitler`s UK hit list - known as Hitler`s Black Book
26-Sep-2015 WWII The massive 600mm German siege mortar
25-Sep-2015 WWII Operation Market Garden Video
24-Sep-2015 Other What Song Was #1 the Day You Were Born?
23-Sep-2015 WWII Flying the Mosquito
22-Sep-2015 WWII WWII Sniper Rifles
21-Sep-2015 WWII de Gaulle:  Dealing With de Gaulle
20-Sep-2015 WWII Who Was Denis Avey?
19-Sep-2015 WWII Battle of the Brushes
18-Sep-2015 WWII Operation Sealion revisited ... Sandhurst, 1974
17-Sep-2015 WWII de Gaulle:  Pin Drops
16-Sep-2015 WWI Amsterdam to repay Jews fined for late rents in WWII
15-Sep-2015 WWII de Gaulle:  Apolitical Aphorisms
14-Sep-2015 WWII Nazi weapons of the future
13-Sep-2015 WWII de Gaulle:  Why "Your Parents" Hate France
12-Sep-2015 WWII Re-Educating The Hitler Youth
11-Sep-2015 WWII de Gaulle:  "I am France"
10-Sep-2015 WWII Ivan Maisky`s diaries
09-Sep-2015 WWII de Gaulle:  Quotes Attributed to de Gaulle
08-Sep-2015 WWII Death of the Red Baron
07-Sep-2015 WWII de Gaulle:  What's In A Name?
06-Sep-2015 WWII de Gaulle:  Quotes Attributed to de Gaulle
05-Sep-2015 WWII WW2 Art
04-Sep-2015 WWII de Gaulle:  de Gaulle in N Africa (video)
03-Sep-2015 WWII de Gaulle:  Britain Recognizes de Gaulle
02-Sep-2015 WWII de Gaulle:  Wartime Leader
01-Sep-2015 WWII de Gaulle:  Short Bio
31-Aug-2015 WWII Experiments With Conscientious Objectors During WWII
30-Aug-2015 WWII Who Was Cedric Belfrage?
29-Aug-2015 WWII Escape Gadgets
28-Aug-2015 WWII End of the War: The Last To Die
27-Aug-2015 WWII End of the War:  Japanese War Brides
26-Aug-2015 WWII End of the War:  The Last Kamikazes
25-Aug-2015 WWII Britain's WASPs
24-Aug-2015 WWII Project Riese
23-Aug-2015 WWII End of the War: Eisenhower's Broad Front Strategy
22-Aug-2015 WWII End of the War:  Operation Downfall - The planned Allied attack on Japan
21-Aug-2015 WWII End of the War:  GIs worked in atomic blast sites without safety gear
20-Aug-2015 WWII End of the War:  Final Prep For August 1945
19-Aug-2015 WWII What Does The Average Brit Know About WWII?
18-Aug-2015 WWII End of the War: Japanese War Brides
17-Aug-2015 WWII Who was Annette Wagner?
16-Aug-2015 WWII End of the War: Japan's A-Bomb Program
15-Aug-2015 WWII Who was Edward Ward?
14-Aug-2015 WWII End of the War: The planned US invasion of Japan that never happened
13-Aug-2015 Other Hillary for ???
12-Aug-2015 WWII Nazis atomic weapons testing?  
11-Aug-2015 WWII U.S. Army Officer Defected to the Nazis in WW2?
10-Aug-2015 Other Hillary for ???
09-Aug-2015 Other Lily
09-Aug-2015 WWII When Americans Watched The Skies
08-Aug-2015 Military Confederate Battle Flag
07-Aug-2015 Other What's In A Name
06-Aug-2015 WWII Kugelpanzer
05-Aug-2015 WWII Gustav - the Biggest Gun Ever Made
04-Aug-2015 WWII 5 bizarre weapons of World War II
03-Aug-2015 WWII Exploring the secret Nazi tunnels in Berghof
02-Aug-2015 WWII Royal family member on Hitler's payroll?
01-Aug-2015 WWII Remains of 36 unidentified WWII US Marines killed  on Tarawa recovered
31-Jul-2015 WWII Hitler rehearsing in 1925
30-Jul-2015 Other Windows 10 Is Coming    Should You Upgrade?
29-Jul-2015 WWII POWs in Texas
28-Jul-2015 WWII Mitsubishi Apology
27-Jul-2015 WWII Their Royal Heilnesses?
26-Jul-2015 WWII Female Nazi Guards
25-Jul-2015 WWII Leni Riefenstahl`s Impossible Dream: Tiefland, Fantasy and the Fuhrer`s Shadow
24-Jul-2015 WWII How typhoons at the end of World War II swamped U.S. ships and nearly saved Japan from defeat
23-Jul-2015 Other Is Your Anti-Virus Software Doing Its Job?
23-Jul-2015 WWII Kyujo Incident - How a Group of Japanese Officers Planned to Overthrow the Emperor and Continue WW2
22-Jul-2015 WWII Telegram Goering sent Hitler asking him if he could take over the Nazi party in last days sold for $55,000
21-Jul-2015 WW2HC Member's Choice
20-Jul-2015 WWII Pearl Harbor jeep stolen from Imperial War Museum Duxford
19-Jul-2015 WWII Secret 1933 film shows Edward VIII teaching this Nazi salute to the Queen
18-Jul-2015 WWII Rare German Enigma Code Machine Sells at Auction for $232,000
17-Jul-2015 WWII Master recording of Japanese Emperor`s WWII surrender speech to be released
16-Jul-2015 WWII WWII Quiz  (link fixed)
15-Jul-2015 WWII The tragic story behind the lone German who refused to give Hitler the Nazi salute
14-Jul-2015 WWII WWII through Famed German military leader Erwin Rommel`s Private Photo Collection
13-Jul-2015 WWII America Experimented on Conscientious Objectors During World War II
12-Jul-2015 WWII POWS:  WWII POW Archive
11-Jul-2015 WWII British Commanders:  List of Key UK Commanders  (good summary)
10-Jul-2015 WWII Catching one Nazi became his life
09-Jul-2015 WWII British Commanders:  Bertram Ramsey
08-Jul-2015 WWII America Experimented on Conscientious Objectors During World War II
07-Jul-2015 WWII British Commanders:  Hugh Dowding
06-Jul-2015 WWII Watercolours and drawings by Hitler have fetched 400,000 euros at a German auction
05-Jul-2015 WWII British Commanders:  Tribute for Dunkirk hero - Admiral who saved thousands of soldiers
04-Jul-2015 WWII British Commanders:  Archibald Wavell: The Life and Death of the Imperial Servant by Adrian Fort
03-Jul-2015 WWII British Commanders:  Bernard Montgomery and Dwight Eisenhower bet 5 pounds over the fate of Europe
02-Jul-2015 WWII British Commanders:  Bernard Montgomery
01-Jul-2015 WWII British Commanders:  Alan Brooke
30-Jun-2015 WWII 10 Things About the Mistreatment of Black Soldiers During World War II You May Not Know
29-Jun-2015 WWII Nazi propaganda left life-long mark on German kids
28-Jun-2015 WWII Japan`s secret underground navy headquarters gives glimpse of WWII`s final days
27-Jun-2015 WWII German Commanders: Field Marshal Fritz Erich von Manstein - The Time article from 1949
26-Jun-2015 WWII German Commanders: 1942-1945 secret recordings of Wehrmacht Generals by MI19
25-Jun-2015 WWII German Commanders: High-ranking german officers knew of Holocaust
24-Jun-2015 WWII Rare photographs of the women who joined the Indian army in World War II
23-Jun-2015 WWII Hitler wearing a Japanese Kimono in a rare photo
22-Jun-2015 WWII Revolver owned by legendary WW2 General George S. Patton fetches $75,000 at auction
21-Jun-2015 WWII Dangerous WW2 bombs still litter Germany`s landscape
20-Jun-2015 WWII 8 most famous US military recruiting posters of World War II
19-Jun-2015 WWII Japanese History Quiz
18-Jun-2015 WWII New Goebbels Biography
17-Jun-2015 WWII German Commanders: Kesselring
16-Jun-2015 WWII German Commanders: Guderian
15-Jun-2015 WWII German Commanders: von Rundstedt
14-Jun-2015 WWII German Commanders: von Manstein
13-Jun-2015 WWII German Commanders: Who Was Hermann Balck?
12-Jun-2015 WWII German Commanders: Jun'15 Topic
11-Jun-2015 WWII DDAY:  Images of DDay
10-Jun-2015 WWII DDAY:  The Piece of Paper that Fooled Hitler
09-Jun-2015 WWII DDAY:  VOA Broadcast
08-Jun-2015 WWII DDAY:  Sand Samplers
07-Jun-2015 WWII

DDAY:  Time/Life Photos

06-Jun-2015 WWII DDay:  DDay Daily Items
06-Jun-2015 WWII DDay:  The Russian Contribution
06-Jun-2015 WWII DDay:  Infographic
05-Jun-2015 WWII DDay:  69 Years Later ...
05-Jun-2015 WWII National Donut Day
04-Jun-2015 WWII DDay:  Did DDay Fail?
03-Jun-2015 WWII 8 most famous US military recruiting posters of World War II
02-Jun-2015 WWII Dangerous WW2 bombs still litter Germany`s landscape
01-Jun-2015 WWII Excerpted from Hitler`s Shadow Empire: Nazi Economics and the Spanish Civil War
31-May-2015 WWII Footage shows Nazi Summer Camps In 1930s America
30-May-2015 WWII The rape of Berlin
29-May-2015 WWII Who let Nazi war criminals escape to South America after WW2?
28-May-2015 WWII Nazi surrender order issued by Hitler`s successor expected to fetch nearly $40K at auction
27-May-2015 WWII The Austrian castle where Waffen SS lost to German-US force
26-May-2015 WWII Look Who`s Back: Germans Reflect on the Success of a Satire About Hitler
25-May-2015 WWII Ravensbruck: Hitler`s all-female World War II concentration camp
24-May-2015 WWII Crash site of the plane carrying Japanese admiral Yamamoto opened to tourists
23-May-2015 WWII Photos: Inside Mussolini`s secret bunker
22-May-2015 WWII $50m million hoard of silver coins sank by the Nazis is discovered
21-May-2015 WWII Legal battles over use of Goebbels diaries
20-May-2015 WWII Secret bunker built for anti-Nazi resistance fighters has been unearthed in the Scottish Borders
19-May-2015 WWII Rare German Kettenkrad motorcycle half-track restored
18-May-2015 WWII POWs:  Luft Stalags
17-May-2015 WWII POWs:  Allied POWs Under the Japanese
16-May-2015 WWII POWS:  Fort Hunt
15-May-2015 WWII Politically Correct?
14-May-2015 WWII POWS:  New Use for Unused Factories?
13-May-2015 WWII POWS:  The Fourth Tunnel
12-May-2015 WWII POWS:  Stalag Luft I
11-May-2015 WWII POWS:  Brief History of WWII POWs (Europe)
10-May-2015 WWII POWs:  Unseen cartoons depicting day-to-day life in WWII POW camp Stalag Luft III (pics)
09-May-2015 WWII POWs:  GI POW camps in photographs
08-May-2015 WWII POWs:  Monopoly
07-May-2015 WWII POWs:  British WWII POW stitched hidden anti-Hitler message into Nazi quilt
06-May-2015 WWII POWs:  Incredible secret footage from inside a WWII prison camp
05-May-2015 WWII POWs:  380,000 WWII German POWs in the USA were well fed and looked after so as so illustrate democracy
04-May-2015 WWII POWs:  Darkest atrocities of the Nazis laid bare in the secretly recorded conversations of German POWs
03-May-2015 WWII POWS:  How many of German POWs became a welcome part of British society and had the time of their lives
02-May-2015 Other Bird Strikes Near Boston
01-May-2015 WWII POWs:  POWs
30-Apr-2015 WWII Drone footage shows Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz
29-Apr-2015 WWII 200 Ansel Adams Photographs Expose the Rigors of Life in Japanese Internment Camps During WW II
28-Apr-2015 WWII Rare footage of the Muslims who fought with the Nazis
27-Apr-2015 WWII Hitler`s Last Day: Minute By Minute, by Jonathan Mayo and Emma Craigie
26-Apr-2015 WWII Desert Fox Erwin Rommel goggles
26-Apr-2015 Other My Good Fortune ...
25-Apr-2015 WWII Secret Special Operations Australia WWII commando training captured in rare, colour footage
24-Apr-2015 WWII Goering Uniform for sale
23-Apr-2015 WWII Hacking the Nazis: The secret story of the women who broke Hitler`s codes
22-Apr-2015 WWII WWII Castles - Nine Medieval Strongholds And The Amazing Roles They Played in Wartime
21-Apr-2015 WWII Nazi Goebbels` Descendants Revealed as Secret Billionaires
20-Apr-2015 WWII Rare Alan Turing manuscript, Enigma machine up for auction
19-Apr-2015 WWII Stalin`s Daughter: The Extraordinary and Tumultuous Life of Svetlana Alliluyeva
18-Apr-2015 WWII 15,000 Koreans drafted by Soviets during World War II
17-Apr-2015 WWII New book called Fu-Go explores WWII Japanese balloon attacks on US
16-Apr-2015 WWII Killing Hitler:  The last survivor of Operation Valkyrie on his plot to kill Adolf Hitler
15-Apr-2015 WWII A Rich Hitler Evaded Taxes
15-Apr-2015 WWII Was Hitler a Tax Dodger?
14-Apr-2015 WWII Killing Hitler:  A new film tells the story of Georg Elser who came very close to assassinating Hitler
13-Apr-2015 WWII Controlling Jazz in Nazi Germany
12-Apr-2015 WWII Killing Hitler:  Swiss honor student Maurice Bavaud who tried to kill Adolf Hitler
11-Apr-2015 WWII Between 1943 and 1945 the U.S. Army produced a series of 27 propaganda cartoons depicting Private Snafu
10-Apr-2015 WWII Killing Hitler:  Documentary film series Hitler`s Bodyguard - Over 40 plots to kill Hitler
09-Apr-2015 WWII The ghostly WWII ruins of Europe`s northern coasts
08-Apr-2015 WWII Killing Hitler:  Mythbusters: What if Hitler`s briefing on July 20, 1944 hadn`t been moved from a bunker to an above-ground room?
07-Apr-2015 WWII Hitler`s Flak Towers Were Anti-Aircraft Castles - Third Reich megastructures still loom over Germany
06-Apr-2015 WWII Killing Hitler:  German memorial erected for would-be Hitler assassin Georg Elser
05-Apr-2015 WWII The Battle of Nauru - Nazi Germany`s Forgotten Foray into the Pacific
04-Apr-2015 WWII Killing Hitler:  Kim Bielenberg: How my grandfather tried to assassinate Hitler
03-Apr-2015 WWII Killing Hitler:  Stalin twice called off Hitler assassination,
02-Apr-2015 WWII The Airborne Beer Story
01-Apr-2015 WWII Killing Hitler:    Operation Foxley
31-Mar-2015 WWII Third Reich seaside complex pits German commercialism against dark Nazi past
31-Mar-2015 WWII Hundreds of Nazi toy figurines expected to raise thousands at Thornaby auction
30-Mar-2015 WWII Killing Hitler:    Marlene Dietrich's Plot to Kill Hitler
30-Mar-2015 WWII Third Nazi memorabilia auction in Canberra in six months
29-Mar-2015 Other Democrats Hold Rally For Hillary Clinton
29-Mar-2015 WWII Killing Hitler:  Interview with Ewald von Kleist
28-Mar-2015 Other Laws of Golf
28-Mar-2015 WWII Killing Hitler:  Assassination Attempts
27-Mar-2015 Other Golf Ball Marker
27-Mar-2015 WWII Hitler`s Secret War Machines: 10 Nazi Weapons that Violated the Versailles Treaty
26-Mar-2015 WWII Josef Goebbels` Diary - 13th March 1945
25-Mar-2015 WWII Battlefields and bunkers: Exploring Okinawa`s World War II history
24-Mar-2015 WWII Elizabeth McIntosh, American WWII spy girl stationed in India, turns 100
23-Mar-2015 WWII First edition of Mein Kampf signed by Hitler expected to fetch more than $35,000 at auction
22-Mar-2015 WWII Four Times in 69 Years
21-Mar-2015 WWII Villages Honor Flight
21-Mar-2015 WWII Hitler`s First Victims
20-Mar-2015 WWII Battle of the Atlantic:  Bletchley Park and the Enigma code: The women who helped win the war
19-Mar-2015 WWII Who owns Nazi-era art?
18-Mar-2015 WWII Warbird Video
17-Mar-2015 WWII Battle of the Atlantic:  Amazing Web Site:
16-Mar-2015 WWII Battle of the Atlantic:  Lemp's Two Mistakes
15-Mar-2015 WWII NYC's Secret Basement
14-Mar-2015 WWII Strawberry 5
13-Mar-2015 WWII

Musashi Found

12-Mar-2015 WWII

The Nazis' Handgun

11-Mar-2015 WWII

Battle of the Atlantic:  Rubble For Victory

10-Mar-2015 WWII

Behaviour of US GIs in Postwar Germany

09-Mar-2015 WWII

Enemy in the East: Hitler`s Secret Plans to Invade the Soviet Union

08-Mar-2015 WWII

Battle of the Atlantic:  What If ...

07-Mar-2015 WWII

10 real-life Female Spies

06-Mar-2015 WWII

Top secret D-Day plans found hidden under hotel`s floorboards

05-Mar-2015 WWII

Battle of the Atlantic:  Seizing The Altmark

04-Mar-2015 WWII

Battle of the Atlantic:  Operations Research and The Battle of the Atlantic

03-Mar-2015 WWII

Battle of the Atlantic:  Radar and The Battle of the Atlantic

02-Mar-2015 WWII

Battle of the Atlantic:  Brief Summary (UK perspective)

01-Mar-2015 WWII

Battle of the Atlantic:  Seizing The Altmark

28-Feb-2015 WWII

Battle of the Atlantic:  Comprehensive Summary (Wikipedia)

27-Feb-2015 WWII

Battle of the Atlantic:  Brief Summary (UK perspective)

26-Feb-2015 WWII

A Boy on a Beach

25-Feb-2015 WWII N Africa:  GIs recalls North Africa: When German tanks rolled in it was every man for himself
24-Feb-2015 WWII Nazi Chic: The Asian Fashion Craze That Just Won`t Die
23-Feb-2015 WWII Spanish Civil War: Rediscovered photos in Navarra museum
22-Feb-2015 WWII


22-Feb-2015 WWII

Wings of Freedom Tour

About Collings Foundation and the Tour

27Feb-1Mar at Leesburg

22-Feb-2015 WWII N Africa:  Hungarian desert explorer Laszlo Almasy guided Nazi agents through the Sahara
22-Feb-2015 WWII An Evening of WWII Music
21-Feb-2015 WWII Flightless Honor Flight
21-Feb-2015 WWII N Africa:  The Kasserine Pass: Facing Erwin Rommel`s panzers for the first time
20-Feb-2015 WWII N Africa:  Battle of Kasserine Pass: The first face-off between American and German armies did not end well for the U.S.
19-Feb-2015 WWII Scenes From Iwo Jima
18-Feb-2015 WWII N Africa:  The forgotten WWII heroes: 500,000 African troops served with British forces
17-Feb-2015 WWII N Africa:  1942 - Operation Torch
16-Feb-2015 WWII N Africa:  Nazi landmines block Egypt`s access to natural resources
15-Feb-2015 WWII N Africa:  African WWII vets fought for Britain - In return they got �10
14-Feb-2015 WWII N Africa:  How West Africa helped win World War II
13-Feb-2015 WWII N Africa:  Nazis had "Einsatzgruppe Egypt" ready for Palestine
12-Feb-2015 WWII N Africa:  The race to find �10m Nazi gold hoard - Was Erwin Rommel Unaware
11-Feb-2015 WWII N Africa:  Stopping Rommel`s Panzer divisions - Brigadier Sir Rainald Lewthwaite
10-Feb-2015 WWII N Africa: Lost Stories - The Schindlers of the North Africa
10-Feb-2015 WWII N Africa: Desert War: Two-part documentary film about the conflict in North Africa during World War II
09-Feb-2015 WWII Eugenics, euthanasia, forced sterilization: The Nazi commandments for a pure Aryan society
09-Feb-2015 WWII N Africa:  Landmine Legacy at El Alamein
08-Feb-2015 WWII Hitler TimeLine  (also added to Glossaries & Timelines page)
08-Feb-2015 WWII N Africa: PanAfrica: Across the Sahara in 1941 With Pan Am
07-Feb-2015 WWII Fuhrerbunker to be re-built for tourists by the Top Secret museum in Oberhausen
06-Feb-2015 WWII Denmark: Fishing boat catches World War II mustard gas bomb
05-Feb-2015 Aviation TICO Air Show (link fixed)
05-Feb-2015 WWII The 10 Greatest Tank Battles In Military History
04-Feb-2015 WWII Killer Antiques - 13 Weapons From WW2 That Are Still In Use Today
03-Feb-2015 WWII F�hrerbunker: The Brief Luxurious Life of Adolf Hitler, 50 Feet Below Berlin
02-Feb-2015 WWII Dambusters collection sells for �75,000 at Northamptonshire auction house
01-Feb-2015 WWII N Africa:  If It Ain't Boeing, I Ain't Going
31-Jan-2015 WWII Hitler's Toilet
31-Jan-2015 WWII 31 Rolls of Undeveloped Film from a Soldier in WWII Discovered and Processed
30-Jan-2015 WWII CBI:  20 For 1
30-Jan-2015 WWII Aurochs: How Hitler and Goering resurrected extinct species to make Nazi super cows
29-Jan-2015 WWII CBI:  Tigers Prove It
29-Jan-2015 WWII The eerie ruins of the Nuremberg parade grounds
28-Jan-2015 WWII CBI:  Blood For The Tigers
28-Jan-2015 WWII An Evening of WWII Music
27-Jan-2015 WWII Alan Turing`s Hidden Manuscripts Are Up For Auction
26-Jan-2015 WWII The Sherman M4 Was the Little Tank that Could
25-Jan-2015 WWII Adolf Hitler look-a-like travels everywhere with Mein Kampf and charges �60 for photographs
24-Jan-2015 WWII How did favourite Nazi commando Otto Skorzeny become an Irish farmer?
23-Jan-2015 WWII Secret WWII WMD factory found in Austria - Was Hitler testing nuclear bomb?
22-Jan-2015 WWII Killing Hitler (or trying to)
21-Jan-2015 Military Don't Tread on Me
20-Jan-2015 WWII World Air Force Rankings
19-Jan-2015 WWII Swedish documentary examines the Third Reich`s notion of perfection and beauty
18-Jan-2015 WWII Secret Nazi nuclear weapons testing bunker unearthed in Austria
17-Jan-2015 WWII Berlin exhibition evokes final months of WWII
16-Jan-2015 WWII Shotgun believed to be Hitler`s sells for $150,000
15-Jan-2015 WWII An Evening of WWII Music
14-Jan-2015 WWII Topics
14-Jan-2015 WWII CBI:  Chenault and the Flying Tigers  (from articles library)
13-Jan-2015 WWII CBI:  Flying Tigers (from articles library)
12-Jan-2015 WWII Insane or Just Evil?
11-Jan-2015 WWII Hitler's Death; New Glimpses
10-Jan-2015 WWII The Men Who Tried to Kill Hitler
10-Jan-2015 WWII Broken Links
09-Jan-2015 WW2HC Site How To
09-Jan-2015 WWII Missing in Action
08-Jan-2015 WWII Hitler Creamer
07-Jan-2015 WWII Why is Silver Higher Than Gold in Military Insignia
06-Jan-2015 WWII Old Patches
05-Jan-2015 WWII A Little Light Reading?
04-Jan-2015 WWII Was It Treason?
03-Jan-2015 WWII Rubble for Victory
03-Jan-2015 WWII CBI:  US Army Campaigns  (from WW2HC Articles Library)
02-Jan-2015 WWII CBI:  Flying Tigers  (from WW2HC Articles Library)
01-Jan-2015 WWII Hitler's Diaries ... Fake?  Real?  Both?


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