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A View of WWII

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Generation 2 Web Site 


The WW2 History Club web site was initially developed with very basic features in support of club activities.  Over the first 8 months, the site grew in functionality and popularity.  In April, 2011, the site got a new look and feel.  The changes were subtle.  This page is an example of that new look:

The simplicity of a few colors, lots of white space, no distracting graphics, etc., was maintained.

The home page and all links off the home page now have a similar look and feel with the top banner about 25% smaller vertically from before and links are now grouped along the left side into logical Categories.  The top, left side and bottom are virtually identical from page to page.


 Link Categories  


Content unique to a particular page



Contacts, Date Last Updated

Clicking on any of the Category Boxes, like Club Activities, will produce a drop down list of links associated with that category.

Clicking on the same category again will collapse the list.

Clicking on any other category will display the list for that category and collapse the list for any previous category.

Since all 1st level links are displayed on every page, it is easier to move around the site.  Forward and back arrows continue to work exactly as before.



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Date Last Updated:  22-Jun-2017

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