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Topic Work With pdf files
Date 25-Feb-2013


A recent change to the most popular pdf file reader (Adobe Acrobat Reader) has created some issues where people can not easily download or print pdf files. 

Adobe Acrobat Reader 11 (AAR11) can be a little confusing.  It is not obvious how to print a file nor how to download.  If you are using the "plug-in" version of AAR11 (pretty common), it runs "inside" your browser window.  The menu bar at the top of your browser does not control how AAR11 works or what it does.  You need to move your cursor to the bottom center of the browser window -- a translucent menu will appear that controls AAR11.  A sample is shown below

The far left pick (looks like the old style floppy disk) allows you to save the pdf file

The next pic (looks like a printer) allows you to print the file

The next two icons control up and down scrolling

The next two control the visible page

the -- and + control zoom

the far right (Adobe logo) opens the Tools menu


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