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Topic View PowerPoint Files
Date 18-Feb-2012


Powerpoint (PP) is a very popular program for "presentations", slide shows, photosets and similar.  PP is a proprietary application from Microsoft that comes bundled in most MS Office packages. 

If you are running on a PC and do not have PP installed, there are some free options.  Click here to see a pdf file that will explain how to download and install a PowerPoint Viewer.  It is recommended that you open the pdf file and print it out so you have printed instructions before you.

If you are running on a MAC, sorry, there are no free PowerPoint viewers available.  You can purchase MS Office for the MAC (make sure it includes PowerPoint) or install Open Office.  Open Office is a suite of programs that simulate MS Office and can open all MS Office documents.

If you are running UNIX on a PC, you are sufficiently computer-wise to figure it out yourself