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Topic Warnings About Computer Hardware and Software
Date 23-Jul-2015


This page contains warnings about computer software and hardware that may be dangerous or behave in ways not expected

23-Jul-2015     Is Your Anti Virus Software Doing Its Job?

Anti Virus or Security software is designed to protect your system from viruses and other forms of malware.  Malware has become very sophisticated so it is wise to periodically check to ensure that your security software is doing a good job. is a well regarded site for information on how well security software works.  They do a comprehensive review twice a year.

Companies participate voluntarily and some choose not to participate, claiming that the way the tests are run and evaluated is not "correct".  Norton and G-Data are two of the companies that do not participate officially.  However they are included now and then unofficially for info only.  Norton typically rates in the top category (Advanced+) while G-Data typically rates one level down at Advanced.

Whatever security software you are running, make sure that it updates automatically and that you pay attention to warnings about problems. 

10-Aug-2015   Is Your Phone Safe?  Your Tablet?

Phones and tablets are computers and, as such, are susceptible to the same kinds of attacks as regular computers.  You should have appropriate security software installed on any phone or tablet you use.

18-Nov-2012    Avant Browser

The Avent Browser makes many claims about performance (which may be true) but it has a habit of trying to take over all browsing and graphical display functions on your computer regardless of what you tell it you want.  Uninstalling it may just add to your problems as it may destroy many file associations as it uninstalls itself and you will be forced to manually rebuild the relationship between many graphical file types (like jpg, bmp, gif, url, etc) and the programs that open and display those files.

Systems:  Win XP

Recommendation:  do not install this browser.