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A View of WWII

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The links below are to static and animated maps that show specific battles, campaigns or even the entire war from a particular perspective.  Some require PowerPoint to view.  PowerPoint is normally part of the Microsoft Office Suite.  If you do not have PowerPoint on your computer, click here for a pdf file that offers some suggestions.

European Theater: 1933 - June 1940 (Requires PowerPoint to view)

European Theater: June 1940 -  June 1941 (Requires PowerPoint to view)

European Theater: June 1941 -  Fall of Italy (Requires PowerPoint to view)

Pacific Theater:  Japanese Expansion to Pearl Harbor (Requires PowerPoint to view)

D-Day Maps (Requires PowerPoint to view)

WWII and the Holocaust

11 separate animated maps on the Holocaust

Battle of Iwo Jima including a quick review of preceding events starting with Pearl Harbor

WW I: The Western Front

USMA WWII Map Series - European Theatre 

Animated maps of North Africa 



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