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Listed below are recent videos of WW2 interest (and a few where the relevance may be a bit harder to establish).  Some were originally included in emails, some were referenced in emails (links provided) and some just appeared here by magic.  You can search this list using the standard search technique for your browser.  If you are unsure how to do that, click here

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Date Video
18-Sep-2011 Death By Phosphorous
18-Sep-2011 Lucky Strike Commercial 
26-Aug-2011 Red Sparrows 
15-May-2011 AA12 Shotgun 
28-Apr-2011 M-60 Machine Gun  
25-Apr-2011 PBMs in the Pacific  
23-Mar-2011 Cape May Retreat
22-Mar-2011 Patton, Iraq and the Modern World 
17-Mar-2011 Blue Angels - Original Bearcats
14-Mar-2011 Doolittle's Grand Daughter
13-Mar-2011 Doolittle Raid Videos
10-Mar-2011 Ted Gundy and The Black Hat
08-Mar-2011 Dillion MiniGun 
03-Mar-2011 Rescue of a B29 Crew 
26-Feb-2011 Beer Thrower  
22-Feb-2011 Gray Eagles 
21-Feb-2011 US Navy Silent Drill Team (amazing!) 
28-Jan-2011 Coming Home
27-Jan-2011 Slowed Rotor Hybrid Aircraft 
27-Jan-2011 Hitler Sings 
19-Jan-2011 F18 Dead Stick Landing 
 18-Jan-2011 1959 Chevy vs 2009 Chevy Crash Test Video 
14-Jan-2011 Breaking The Sound Barrier  
07-Jan-2011 Why We Fight:   US War Dept Films from WW II 
07-Jan-2011 Was WWII Necessary?  (YouTube) 
07-Jan-2011 National Archives - WWII FIlm Collection (YouTube) 
07-Jan-2011 WWII Lost Color Archives (YouTube) 
06-Jan-2011 F-18 Ride
06-Jan-2011 KISS Tribute to the Military
06-Jan-2011 Taliban Camp Fire
05-Jan-2011 Allah Calls One Home?
03-Jan-2011 BAE146 Bumpy Landing 


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