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Listed below are recent videos of WW2 interest (and a few where the relevance may be a bit harder to establish).  Some were originally included in emails, some were referenced in emails (links provided), some were Daily Items and some just appeared here by magic.  You can search this list using the standard search technique for your browser.  If you are unsure how to do that, click here

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Date Video
11-Dec-2013 Proximity Fuze video
09-Dec-2013 V1 Video
22-Nov-2013 Food City Commercial
19-Nov-2013 UAV Carrier Operations
15-Nov-2013 Dutch Taps
06-Nov-2013 Earn Your Desk
05-Nov-2013 The Ross Sisters
01-Nov-2013 Jim Cooper's Seafire
03-Sep-2013 The Last Bomb
01-Sep-2013 B36 Interior
30-Aug-2013 New Glider
28-Aug-2013 Loneliest Aircraft
27-Aug-2013 Aviation Videos Library (really good)
26-Aug-2013 Jetman at Oskosh
18-Aug-2013 The Bomb:  Working on the Bomb
10-Aug-2013 Video Explaining Tanaka Memorial  (pdf copy of actual book can be found here)
08-Aug-2013 French Filmed Prison Camp Life During WWII
07-Aug-2013 1949 Air Races
14-Mar-2013 America Is My Name
04-Mar-2013 WWII Pilots Reunite
04-Mar-2013 ARGUS:  World's highest resolution video surveillance platform
27-Feb-2013 Eva Braun's Home Movies
06-Feb-2013 We Are A Nation That Is Whole Again
04-Feb-2013 Fly Bys
01-Feb-2013 Eternal Peace at Pearl Harbor
21-Jan-2013 Larry The Flag Man
20-Jan-2013 King of the Pacific
20-Jan-2013 REVEILLE
08-Jan-2013 US Army The Big Picture:  George S. Patton


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