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Listed below are recent videos of WW2 interest (and a few where the relevance may be a bit harder to establish).  Some were originally included in emails, some were referenced in emails (links provided), some were Daily Items and some just appeared here by magic.  You can search this list using the standard search technique for your browser.  If you are unsure how to do that, click here

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Date Video
24-Dec-2014 Hitler's Views on Miley Cyrus
20-Dec-2014 Revisit:  B17 Over Arizona
20-Dec-2014 Revist:  I Fought For You
19-Dec-2014 The Apple IPad ... More Useful Than You Thought
19-Dec-2014 Another Advantage to the Harrier Jump Jet
16-Dec-2014 Hitler and Obamacare
11-Dec-2014 42 maps that explain World War II
10-Nov-2014 Can You Say "Penguin"?
26-Oct-2014 Aerial Refueling over Afghanistan
11-Jul-2014 Bumpy Landings


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